Kundali Bhagya Spoiler 5 March 2021 Episode – Preeta puts Spice in Prithvi’s eyes

Srishti tells Kareena to put the tauran by herself now as she will not do it and is leaving to drink something. Preeta tries to calm Kareena down but Kareena shouted on her and Preeta went with Girish to work in the kitchen. Srishti went to Sameer’s room and he was changing clothes. Srishti asks Sameer for help but Sameer refused as he says we can’t do anything now and Srishti gets angry hearing this. Srishti says that she will try to stop Prithvi from marrying Kritika by herself now.

Kareena was trying to put tauran by herself as she got a challenge from Srishti. Prithvi arrived there and he stop Kareena from doing the work as according to him it doesn’t suit her status. Prithvi calls a worker and orders him to put the tauran and he tells Kareena that Srishti won’t know as she is not here. Kareena thinks that by this we get to know the intention of a person and this is the quality of Prithvi which I don’t like.

Prithvi went inside kitchen and Preeta was working there. Prithvi starts badmouthing about Karan in front of Preeta. Preeta gets angry and puts spice in Prithvi’s eyes after which she points aa knife towards him and warns him not to say anything against Karan again. Preeta leaves from the kitchen and Prithvi washes his face.

Kareena in the hallway was about to fall but Srishti saves her, instead of thanking her for help, Kareena starts scolding Srishti. Rakhi came there and she scolds Kareena for scolding Srishti for no reason. Prithvi comes to Kareena and he starts manipulating her against Preeta saying that Preeta has manipulated Rakhi against Kareena. At the end of the episode a Zomato sponsored ad was shown enacted by Preeta and Kritika.

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