WWE NXT 1 October 2020 Results, Highlights, Gargano and LeRae makes a statement – Written Details

The evil couple of NXT ‘Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae’ has made a statement in the latest episode of the show by obliterating Damian Priest and Io Shirai in the main event. Xia Li shows signs of an eventual heel turn as she refused to shake hands with Kayden Carter post her match. Shotzi Blackheart and Dakota Kai had a very competitive match to open the show. HBK ‘Shawn Michaels’ had a sit down interview with Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reilly before their championship match at NXT TakeOver this Sunday.

WWE NXT 1 October 2020 Winners and Losers

1. Shotzi Blackheart vs. Dakota Kai w/Raquel Gonzalez Singles Match

Winner – Shotzi Blackheart

Loser – Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai smashes Shotzi Blackheart in the face. Blackheart takes down Kai. Kai misses a basement head kick. Blackheart and Kai trade pin attempts. Inverted atomic drop by Blackheart/ Blackheart welcomes Kai to the ball pit with a double leg drop below the belt. Blackheart trips Kai. Blackheart locks Kai in a modified deathlock with a butterfly lock. Kai counter with an armbar. Blackheart gets to the ropes.

Suplex by Dakota Kai followed by a pin attempt but Shotzi Blackheart kicks out at two. Raquel Gonzalez gets on the apron top distract Blackheart. Kai suplexes Blackheart for another near fall as we head into the break.

After returning from the break, Shotzi Blackheart nails Dakota Kai with a high knee. Blackheart crushes Kai with her patented senton. Underhook German suplex by Blackheart and another pin attempt but Kai kicks out. Blackheart charges into the corner. Kai meets her with a senton.

Shotzi Blackheart and Dakota Kai fight out on the apron. Blackheart runs up the ropes and hits a sliced bread # 2 on the apron. Both Kai and Blackheart were down. Blackheart landed on the top of her head. Raquel Gonzalez tries to get involved again but Rhea Ripley runs down to the ring and attacks her. Referees break up the skirmish. Kai tries to sneak in a running big boot but Blackheart reverses it into a roll up for the victory.

2. Kushida vs. Tony Nese Singles Match

Winner – Kushida

Loser – Tony Nese

Kushida was all over Tony Nese at the start. Kushida focuses his attack on Nese’s arm. Nese almost manages to slam Kushida but Kushida turns it into an armbar. Kushida slams his body weight on Nese’s arm over and over again. Kushida slaps on the Hoverboard Lock. Nese taps out immediately and Kushida wins.

After the match, The Velveteen Dream appears on the ‘Tron. The Dream says the spotlight will be too bright for Kushida this Sunday. The Dream always does his best work under the brightest spotlights.

3. Adam Cole vs. Austin Theory Singles Match

Winner – Adam Cole

Loser – Austin Theory

Adam Cole chops Austin Theory over and over again. Theory escapes to the outside. Cole follows and destroys him with a pump kick to the face. Theory surprises Cole with a dropkick as we head into the break.
Returning from the break, Austin Theory lays in a few stomps to Adam Cole. Cole fires up and hits an enziguri, followed by a backstabber. Ushigorshi by Cole and a pin attempt but Theory kicks out. Cole calls for the Panama Sunrise. Theory puts on the breaks and kicks Cole in the back of the head.

Spinning powerbomb by Austin Theory followed by a cover but Adam Cole kicks out. Theory tries a springboard but Cole catches him with a superkick in mid-air. Theory tries a rolling dropkick but Cole superkicks him again before he can land the move. Vertical Usigorshi by Cole. Cole blasts Theory with the Last Shot picking up the win.

4. Kayden Carter w/Kacy Catanzaro vs. Xia Li Singles Match

Winner – Kayden Carter

Loser – Xia Li

Xia Li and Kayden Carter slap hands as a sign of respect. Li and Carter trade pin attempts. Neither can get a three count. the exchange ends in a stalemate. Carter Oklahoma rolls Li. Li kicks out but Carter springboards off the ropes and hits a dropkick.

Xia Li trips Kayden Carter on the apron. Li drags Carter out of the ring. Carter hits the floor hard. Li unloads on Carter with a flurry of strikes. Carter fires up and lands a series of strikes. After a series of reversals Carter pins Li with a sunset flip and gets the win.

After the match, Xia Li refuses to shake Kayden Carter’s hand again. Li pushes Carter, then Kacy Catanzaro. Li storms off.

5. Io Shirai and Damian Priest vs. Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano Mixed Tag Team Match

Winners – Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano

Losers – Io Shirai and Damian Priest

In the final moments of this match, Johnny Gargano escapes Damian Priest’s Razor’s Edge. Tornado facebuster by Gargano. Io Shirai tags in and dropkicks Gargano. Candice LeRae comes in and gets put in the crossface. Gargano pulls Shirai to the ropes to break the submission hold she has on his wife. LeRae misses her springboard moonsault. Double underhook backbreaker by Shirai. Shirai goes up for the moonsault. Gargano pushes his wife out of the ring. Shirai moonsaults Gargano. Priest tags in and sets up his finish. LeRae low blows Priest. Gargano blasts Priest with his slingshot DDT picking up the win.

WWE NXT 1 October 2020 All Segments Updates

1. During a split-screen interview, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott says he knows he has had opportunities at the NXT Crusierwieght Championship but they weren’t fair. Scott says that he’s the only man who has defeated Santos Escobar. Scott will do it again. Escobar says Scott is a parasite who makes excuses. When it really counts, Scott can’t win. Scott says he’s ready to showcase to the world what he is capable of. As per Scott, Escobar is a fraud and Scott is going to prove it. Escobar says he has built this division in his image. At Takeover, all of Scott’s showcasing won’t mean anything.

2. A video package was shown chronicling Kyle O’Reilly’s journey to NXT.

3. Backstage, Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae says it was karma that tore Tegan Nox’s ACL. Gargano adds that she broke his TV so LeRae tore her ACL. It’s a fair trade. At Takeover, they are going to become the only couple in WWE with titles.

4. Cameron Grimes comes to the ring and complains about missing out on the NXT title match. Grimes makes up his own match. He’s handpicked all of his opponents tonight. First up is Joey Pistachio who is in the 85-pound weight limit. Grimes immediately hits the Cave In and pins Pistachio. Grimes wants his next opponent, John Strong. Strong’s music plays but he doesn’t come out. Someone tosses Strong onto the stage. It’s Ridge Holland. Grimes tells Holland that he likes his work but he isn’t part of this. Holland headbutts Grimes. Holland tosses Grimes clear across the ring. Holland stomps Grimes for a minute straight. The referee rings the bell.

5. Backstage, Austin Theory complains about Kyle O’Reilly getting a shot at the NXT title before him. Theory says O’Reilly isn’t the future of NXT. O’Reilly should be trying to catch up to him.

6. Backstage, Cameron Grimes says he doesn’t want to talk to anyone except Mr. Regal. Grimes runs into Dexter Lumis. Lumis just stares at him. Grimes asks Lumis if he has seen Mr. Regal. Shockingly, Lumis doesn’t speak. Grimes calls Lumis a freak and storms off.

7. Adam Cole comess to the ring and says The Undisputed Era has run NXT for Three years. The prophecy came true. Regardless of how much time has passed nothing has changed. Some think they can say whatever they want not but that’s not the case. Cole demands Austin Theory come to the ring and says what he said about Kyle O’Reilly to Cole’s face. Theory walks out on the stage. Cole tells him to get in the ring or the Undisputed Era will beat him where he stands.

8. Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reilly joins HBK in the ring for a sit down interview. HBK asks them if they will shake hands. Bálor and O’Reilly oblige. HBK says O’Reilly is the best-kept secret in NXT. How will Bálor prepare for that? Bálor says he knows who O’Reilly is and how great he is. The business watches Bálor because Bálor is the business. O’Reilly says Bálor is great at stroking his own ego. Bálor doesn’t have a chance. This is O’Reilly’s moment. Not Bálor’s. HBK asks O’Reilly if there will be an issue with Adam Cole if O’Reilly wins the title. O’Reilly says they are a family and one hand washes the other. Bálor says he’s going to slap the freckles off of O’Reilly’s face. O’Reilly says it’s bullshit that he is considered the underdog. This Sunday the supposed tag team specialist is going to do it again. Bálor says O’Reilly will have his day eventually. O’Reilly would win this Sunday if the title was on anyone but him (Bálor).

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