Kundali Bhagya Episode 5 May 2021 Written – Preeta’s court hearing in Akshay muder case begins

Karan hugs Preeta. He tells her she should not cry anymore and says to her that he is doing all this for him not for her and his room missing her so much and also he and his room waiting for her so she has to handle him and his room. She says to him that he says that he does nothing for her but in reality he does everything for her and he always fulfills his promises too. He hugs her again ( Sajdaa song plays in the background ).

At Luthra house, Doctor tells Rakhi that he already informed them that Mahesh didn’t recover completely and he forgot his past. She says to him that today suddenly Mahesh forgot what he was telling few minutes back and this never happened from the time he came out of coma that’s why she is worried about him.

Doctor further says to Rakhi that Mahesh didn’t recover his memory yet so its all normal and it may continue for few more months. He tells her to not give any stress to him and not try to make him remember his past and leaves from there.

Rakhi informs Kareena and Dadi about Mahesh’s condition and Doctor’s advice. Kareena tells Rakhi to go to court saying that she will take care of Mahesh. She says to her that she knows that Rakhi cares about Preeta so much so she should go to court.

Rakhi and Kritika reaches court. Karan asks Rakhi about Mahesh. She lies to him saying that Dadi is not well so Mahesh and Kareena taking care of her. Sarla too comes there. Preeta hugs Rakhi. Karan teases them. Preeta says to them that Karan is lucky because everyone loves him. He agrees with her and says to her that now everyone loves her too and promises to them that today Preeta will return with them to the house.

Police informs them that it’s time for court hearing and takes Preeta inside the court. Prithvi gets disappointed thinking Preeta didn’t look at him. Lawyers introduces themselves to Judge. Lawyer Siddharth says to Judge that Police arrested Preeta because they suspects her in Akshay’s murder case but his client is innocent and he can prove that. He says to Judge that he wants to call his witness Ruchika to the witness box.

Ruchika shocks hearing him. Karan looks at her. Ruchika gets up and goes to the witness box. Ruchika says to Lawyer Siddharth that she is mother of Akshay’s child. He asks her to reveal the truth. She starts coughing suddenly and says to Judge that she is feeling suffocated so want to take rest for 5 minutes. Judge gives permission to her. She goes out of the court.

Lawyer Siddharth says to Judge that when Akshay’s murder happened that time Preeta was in the Luthra house and he submits CCTV footage of Luthra house as evidence. Kritika smiles hearing him. Arora’s gets relieved hearing him. Sherlyn and Mahira shocks hearing him. Sherlyn thinks it’s good that she and Prithvi entered the house through back door that day. Prithvi smiles looking at Sherlyn.

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