Kundali Bhagya 8 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Rishabh finds proof of Sherlyn Prithvi affair

Srishti tells Preeta that I am happy then Preeta tells her that I have lost the phone recording. Preeta tells Srishti that I will not lose hope and my courage has increased after this incident. She requested Srishti to bring a device from which no one can delete anything. Srishti says my friend is a hacker and I will bring the device for you and then she leaves the Luthra house after wishing her all the best.

Karan hugged Preeta but after that he received a call and he left. Kritika came back at Luthra house after shopping. She asked Preeta, are you alright Bhabhi? Preeta says yes I am good. Kritika says to Preeta come in her room because she want to show her the gifts she bought. Preeta thinks that she is very happy but she doesn’t even know what is happening behind her back.

Rishabh comes in Kritika’s room to hide gifts for her birthday. He saw Prithvi’s blazer there and gets shocked seeing Sherlyn’s earring in his pocket. Prithvi arrived in the room and Rishabh grabbed him by his collar. Kritika came and Rishabh leaves Prithvi.

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Later on Rishabh confronted Sherlyn and he tells her that he found her earring in Prithvi’s blazer pocket. He tells her that I am done with you and tells her to leave the house right now. Rishabh meets Preeta and apologized to her for lashing out at her. He said she has not accepted but she broke my trust.

Preeta says I am sorry Rishabh Ji that your heart broke so badly. Rishabh says I don’t know what to say and tells Preeta to take care of herself. Rishabh hugged Karan and tells him to stay with him. He left for the event and Karan went to see Pihu in her room. Preeta thinks I want to bring out truth only but I didn’t knew that by knowing truth, Rishabh Ji will get this much sad.

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