Kundali Bhagya 29 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Sherlyn gets the proof against Sonakshi

Sudha aunty arrives at Arora house with the pictures of the boys for Srishti’s marriage. Sarla gives the file to Srishti and tells her to select a boy but Srishti did not saw any boy and gave it back to Sarla. Sarla tells Sudha aunty that she should leave the file here and she will tell her later after discussing with Preeta. She asks Sudha whether she will eat anything with tea and Sudha aunty says Samosa. Sarla went to cook Samosa and Sweets.

Preeta with Karan, Rishabh and Pihu arrived at Sarla’s house and they had a discussion with Srishti. Srishti requests them to save her from Sudha aunty’s marriage proposals. Preeta went with Srishti to the room and asks her about her heart feeling. She teased Srishti about Sameer and tells her that shew will help him but Srishti needs to be careful because she should not take too much time with Sameera otherwise there can be problems. Srishti says but Sameer has not proposed her for marriage yet.

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Preeta tells Karan to keep Sarla busy in kitchen and they will handle things there. Karan went to kitchen and he got sentimental with Sarla’s emotional talks. Karan came back and starting deciding guys for Srishti’s marriage from the file. Preeta then sends Sameer to kitchen and he came back getting emotional too and tells them that Kareena bua is the problem for Sarla aunty. Rishabh said I will go but Srishti stopped him saying that he will get emotional too.

At hotel Sherlyn sees a room service person and she lied to him that the food is for room 505 and she is Sonakshi’s sister. Yashvardhan opens the door for room service and he says we did not ordered the food. Room service person tells him that Sonakshi’s sister told them. Sonakshi came out of the room and Sherlyn clicked her pictures with Yashvardhan. She says now you are trapped Sonakshi.

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