Anupamaa 29 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Vanraj tells about his jealousy to Anupama

Vanraj advices Anupama to click pictures on the beach while making sad castles and drinking cocunut water. Anupama says thanks and leaves with Anuj. Kavya says to Vanraj I don’t understand what’s your problem. Anuj asks Anupama, are you alright? She says sorry to him then says I don’t know what’s his (Vanraj) problem. Anuj again asks, are you alright? She says I am hungry and they went to a disco to eat dinner.

Anupama tells Bapuji on phone that she knows Kavya & Vanraj are here and now she is at disco to eat. Vanraj came to the same disco with Kavya. Kavya went to washroom. Something got stuck in Anuj’s throat and Anupama pats on his back, Vanraj sees this. Anuj’s friend came and he went to talk to him leaving Anupama alone.

Vanraj sees the opportunity and joins Anupama on the table. He taunted her that you have left all the shame because you are enjoying with a strange man and destroying the reputation of my family and both Baa & Bapuji. Anupama enjoys the desert and tells him to keep speaking. Vanraj says you are enjoying here under the disguise of work.

Anupama asks Vanraj, what’s your problem as its my choice. Some people followed Nandini on road wearing Rohan’s mask. She rushes to the home and puts on the latch. Baa asks Nandini, what happened? Nandini says some goons outside tried to snatch my phone. Baa tells her that I told you many times, don’t go outside late at night.

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Anupama says who are you to interfere in my life. She tells him you are nothing to me and have no importance in my life as well as any right on me. He said that I left my right on you and you left decency. Anupama says if you care about decency this much then why you interfering in the life of a strange woman. She further says if my relation with Anuj is more then friendship even then what’s your problem.

Vanraj says I am feeling jealous. He then confesses his heart feelings to her saying I never loved you but we spent 25 years without fighting. He further says I love Kavya a lot but we fight every single day and the kind of connect I had with you I don’t have the same connect with her. Vanraj says you moved on not me and the kind of bonding you have with Anuj in 4 days I did not have that with Kavya in 9 years.

Anupama says our relation was good because I was handling it. She advices him to keep his ego aside and if he wants to get angry then be angry on himself because he is responsible for whatever is happening. She says when I was your that time I was only your but now I am only mine.

Anuj came and Vanraj leaves the table. She says to Anuj that the evening is not going well. Anuj prays to Kanhaji to end this day for Anupama on a happy note. Some guys at the disco mixed vodka in juice and waiter by mistake takes the juice glasses and serves them to Anuj & Vanraj.

Anuj and Vanraj drinks the juice and they felt it was sour. Both of them went to washroom and came face to face with each other. Kavya and Anupama were waiting for them and Anuj & Vanraj came outside fighting with each other.

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