Kundali Bhagya 28 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Sherlyn follows Sonakshi at hotel

Sarla tells Srishti that Sudha will come with pictures of the boys tomorrow and you have to pick the pictures of 2 to 3 boys, rest I will decide. Vinitha was feeding cerelac to Pihu and Rakhi maa sends Preeta to find Mahesh’s tablet. Sonakshi puts a big piece of fruit in the cerelac and Pihu eats it. Pihu started having problem in her throat and all the Luthras got worried. Preeta lifts her up and Karan pats behind her back after which the piece came out. Kareena fires Vinitha from the job. After firing Vinitha, Kareena scolds Preeta telling her that she is not fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother properly. Preeta got hurt hearing Kareena’s comments and says you should not say such bad things to me. She takes Pihu with her to the room. Bani Dadi says Preeta should not have talked to Kareena like that.

Sherlyn sees a girl name Ananya sending a message to Sonakshi on her phone telling her to meet her at the hotel at 4:00 PM and she decides to follow her. Sameer informs Karan and Rishabh that Sarla aunty is seeing boys for Srishti’s marriage. They decided to help Sameer. Rakhi maa tells Preeta that she should not have talked to Kareena in that way. Preeta says if she says anything bad about my motherhood then I won’t tolerate.

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Sherlyn follows Sonakshi to her room and she saw her jumping from the bathroom window and sitting in the auto. Karan tells Preeta about Srishti’s problem and she tells him that I will also go with you to help my sister. Pihu also went with them. Sherlyn went to the hotel and she saw Sonakshi putting an entry in the register. She clicks pictures of her at the hotel. Sherlyn went upstairs but she failed to reach in time because Sonakshi went inside the room.


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