Kundali Bhagya 27 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Rishabh finds about business fraud

Rakhi maa asks Rishabh to hand Pihu over to her. Rishabh says Pihu is sleeping so I will give her to Preeta Ji. Sonakshi says give Pihu to me. He says no its ok you are ill so I will take her upstairs and make her asleep. Karan and Preeta had an argument because Preeta told Kritika about their conversation in the room. Rakhi takes Preeta’s side. Mahesh tells Karan that you need to learn how to keep wives happy and convince them. Pihu’s new nanny Vinitha Sharma arrives and Preeta tells her that Pihu fell asleep. Rakhi tells Girish to show her guest room.

Srishti gets worried and he made a phone call to Sameer. She tells him that Sarla maa is seeing boys to get her married and requests him to do something. Sameer gets concerned. Sarla asks Srishti who are you talking to and she lied I was talking to my friend. Pihu tells Sameer & Karan that I want to go and meet Rishabh in his room. Karan allowed her to go alone on her cycle.

Rishabh gets worried as someone in their office was giving their business deals to other companies. He tells Sherlyn about it. Sherlyn remembers about Prithvi telling her that he has acquired Luthras business files. Sherlyn thinks Punnu baby is behind it. Sonakshi sees Pihu and offered her to take her to Rishabh’s room. Pihu says I will go myself.

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Sonakshi knocks on Kareena’s door and tells her that Pihu knocked your door. Kareena tells Vinitha to take her to Rishabh’s room. Rishabh gets happy seeing Pihu and Sherlyn tells her that you will sleep with us tonight. Vinitha tells Karan and Preeta that Pihu will sleep in Rishabh sir’s room tonight.

Later at night Pihu wakes up and went back to Preeta’s room. Preeta opens the door and gets happy seeing Pihu. Pihu sleeps with Preeta. Sarla says which friend was calling you this time. Srishti tells Sarla that she’s a new friend. Srishti asks why are you getting me married me so soon. Sarla tells her that every girl has to get married and she wants her to get married on time.

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