Kundali Bhagya 2 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Rishabh throws a challenge at Prithvi

Kareena comes in Bani Dadi’s room and she tells her that I was thinking how different are Sonakshi and Preeta from each other. She says that it would have been better if we have got Karan married to Sonakshi because she is of our status and also she would have supported family whenever Karan fights with us. Kareena further says earlier she did not used to like Preeta but now she can’t even tolerate her for one second in the Luthra house.

Prithvi bumps to Rishabh and Sameer. An argument started between Rishabh and Prithvi. Sameer started fighting with Prithvi taking Rishabh’s side but Rishabh tells him to keep quiet because he can handle him on his own. Rishabh tells Prithvi that he is the badshah of this house and Prithvi is ghulam. Prithvi thinks that I have all his property and business papers under my custody and I can bring him on road any moment.

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Everyone was having breakfast on the dining table. Mahesh informed everyone that Kareena bua went with Sonakshi to the airport to drop her for her friends wedding. Preeta, Mahesh, Bani Dadi, Pihu and Rishabh leaves the table. Kritika tells Prithvi that she is very surprised knowing that Kareena went to drop Sonakshi. She says that I have made something special for you and went to take it. Prithvi and Sherlyn feeds each other. Kritika came and she feeds Prithvi chilla made by her.

Karan, Rishabh and Preeta dropped Pihu to school. Srishti and Sameer had a funny argument in Sameer’s car and they even involved Karan and Rishabh in their argument via phone call. Later at office, Rishabh tells Karan about the business fraud that is happening in their company. Prithvi hears them from outside and feels happy seeing them concerned.

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