MTV Splitsvilla 14 EP 5 Written Updates, Couple Challenge Winners, Dumping Ground Voting Details, Eliminated Contestant Name

Next morning all the girls started waking up and they were enjoying at the Isle of Venus. At the Isle of Mars, Kashish Thakur was very happy that he got two roses. Boys arrived for their next couple challenge and girls came at the Isle of Mars.

Uorfi taunts Kashish about pitching for getting a rose from Shrea Prasad and because of this a heated argument started between them. Amir Hossein started laughing and he told Uorfi that he even brought the rose Uorfi gave him last night and seeing this Uorfi got impressed.

Sunny Leone told all the girls that they have to tell the name of their partners with whom they want to compete at the couple challenge and the girls selected the following boys :

  • Soundous Moufakir chooses Hamid Barkzi
  • Kashish Ratnani chooses Joshua Chhabra
  • Saumya Bhandari chooses Sohail D
  • Shrea Prasad chooses Aagaz Akhtar
  • Uorfi Javed chooses Kashish Thakur

The taste of Love Task Details – Girls have to make a pizza of their partners choice. Couples have to collect the ingredients and the Base of it after which they have to flatten the pizza base using their booty also they have to put on the toppings by collecting them through some balls.

Only four couples were allowed to compete in the task and Queen Bee’s “Uorfi and Soundous” will decide that couple which won’t perform.

Uorfi Javed challenged Joshua Chhabra and Kashish Ratnani

Soundous Moufakir challenged Shrea Prasad and Aagaz Akhtar

First Challenge :

Uorfi Javed and Kashish Thakur vs Joshua Chhabra and Kashish Ratnani

Uorfi Javed and Kashish Thakur wins the Couple Challenge

Second Challenge :

Soundous Moufakir and Hamid Barkzi vs Shrea Prasad and Aagaz Akhtar

Soundous Moufakir and Hamid Barkzi wins the Couple Challenge

Both the Queen Bee’s teams won the couple challenge.

Arjun Bijlani told both the winning teams that they are safe from the dumping ground today and they will get a special power as well. Sunny Leone said that all the boys are safe today from getting dumped.

Back at the Isle of Mars, a scuffle took place between Rishabh Jaiswal and Honey Kamboj but fortunately other boys came between them and calmed down things.

Joshua Chhabra, Sohail D, and Aagaz Akhtar were informed that they will go to the dumping ground today because their partners are unsafe.

Joshua Chhabra, Sohail D, and Aagaz Akhtar came at the dumping ground. Both the Queen Bees with their partners Kashish Thakur and Hamid Barkzi also arrived at the dumping ground.

Arjun Bijlani said that back at the Isle of Venus when Couple challenge was happening, all the remaining girls were predicting the winners.

Flashback was shown – A heated argument happened between Soundous Moufakir and both Shrea Prasad & Sakshi Shrivas.

Back to the dumping ground – Sunny Leone said only one girl from Soundous Moufakir’s group “Surreal Four” predicted her as winner and her name was Akashlina Chandra.

Akashlina Chandra predicted Soundous Moufakir to win the Couple Challenge.

Sakshi Shrivas and Shrea Prasad started calling Soundous Moufakir fake and they said that her bond with them is not real. There was a misunderstanding between the girls as Sakshi Shrivas and Shrea Prasad were saying that Soundous called Shrea irrelevant. Finally Soundous told Shrea and Sakshi Shrivas that she is not in a team with them anymore.

Sakshi Dwivedi predicted Uorfi Javed to win the Couple Challenge.

Sunny Leone said that as both Akashlina Chandra and Sakshi Dwivedi predicted right and now both of them have an advantage as one of them will be welcomed back to Splitsvilla which will be decided by both the Queen Bees “Uorfi and Soundous.”

Uorfi Javed and Soundous Moufakir did not made a common decision and then Arjun Bijlani gave the power to Soundous because her time during the couple challenge was fast.

Soundous Moufakir saved Akashlina Chandra from dumping ground.

Both the winning couple boys Hamid Barkzi and Kashish Thakur were also given the power to save one girl and after that all the girls started pitching for themselves.

Hamid Barkzi saved Pema Leilani from dumping ground.

Kashish Thakur saved Kashish Ratnani from dumping ground.

All the girls were given the power to vote for one girl apart from themselves to save from the dumping ground by writing their name on a cue card :

  • Shrea Prasad voted for Sakshi Shrivas
  • Oviya Darnal voted for Sakshi Dwivedi
  • Sakshi Dwivedi voted for Oviya Darnal
  • Saumya Bhandari voted for Aradhana Verma
  • Aradhana Verma voted for Oviya Darnal
  • Sakshi Shrivas voted for Shrea Prasad

Oviya was the highest voted contestant amongst all the girls but she gave her safety to Sakshi Dwivedi.

Both the winning couples were given the power to decide unanimously who will get dumped today from the show.

Both the winning couples decided to dump Oviya Darnal from the show

Oviya Darnal gets eliminated from Splitsvilla 14

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