Anupamaa 1 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Anupamaa feeds curd to Anuj

Anuj tells Vanraj that his scooter reached Anupama’s home late because when he reached there she was already getting married to him. Vanraj says if I was at your place then I would have broken the face of the guy she was getting married to. Anuj responds then I should break your face. Vanraj says I was saying that for myself. Anuj again says I love Anupama. Vanraj tells him not to say this. Anuj repeats it again. Anupama came there but she did not heard anything. Kavya also came there and she takes Vanraj to his room, telling Anupama to drop Anuj to his room.

Anupama takes Anuj to his room on a room service trolley. She then makes him sit on the bed and feeds curd to him. Anuj tells Anupama to go to her room and she left. Next morning, Baa was calling Anupama but she was not picking her phone and it turns out that Rakhi was at Shah house. Rakhi tries to provoke Baa saying that even Parvati becomes Pooh when she crosses the threshold of the house and Anupama went out of town. Baa tells Rakhi to leave from here. Rakhi says no I will wait here, today either I will take my money or I will put on my name plate outside this house.

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Anupama rings the bell of Anuj’s room and he opens the door. Anuj asks her what happened last night and Anupama asks, don’t you remember anything. Vanraj came there and him & Anuj both stared at each other thinking what they talked about last night. Vanraj remembers Anupama’s words from last night, ‘Aapko Kya’ and he then taunted her and Anuj saying if him and Kavya was not there last night then Anuj’s night would have been memorable. Anupama says to Vanraj that your thoughts stinks.

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