Kundali Bhagya 1 April 2024 Episode Written Updates – Varun’s Secret Meeting at the Mehendi

Todays Kundali Bhagya 1 April 2024 episode starts with Bani Dadi asking Beejee about her experience during the Yatra. Beejee responds positively but admits finding the steep hill challenging. She pushed herself to complete it despite her initial doubts.

Palki suggests distributing the Parshad that Beejee had bought, but Beejee questions the idea since she purchased it from a small shop. Daljeet teases Palki for always arguing. Shanaya supports Palki’s suggestion, prompting Kareena to praise them both for their manners and intelligence.

Daljeet jokes about discussing marriage once Shanaya is wed. However, Bani Dadi intervenes, stating Shanaya will become part of their family, while Palki will be Preeta’s responsibility. Daljeet asks why Shaurya doesn’t have a brother, given that she wanted both daughters to marry into their family, leaving Palki feeling embarrassed.

Suddenly, they hear drums announcing Varun’s arrival with his family. Everyone starts clapping as Varun dances with his parents, joined by the Luthra family. Roma warmly embraces Rakhi, Kareena, and Bani Dadi. Shaurya, Varun, and Sandy perform a captivating dance, leaving everyone enthralled.

Bani Dadi expresses her enjoyment of the function, while Roma comments on the happiness when two families meet. However, she expresses concern about Kavya’s absence. Palki informs that Kavya is in her room and goes to call her.

Meanwhile, Nidhi sits in her room crying, unable to bear the closeness between Karan and Preeta. Arohi enters and consoles her, expressing her surprise at Nidhi’s attempt to commit suicide despite her strength. Nidhi explains her despair at Karan asking Preeta to stay in the house as Dadi’s therapist. She recounts how she confronted Karan and contemplated suicide when he professed his love for Preeta. Shaurya enters, praising Arohi for her support. He encourages Nidhi to join the party and converse with Arohi.

Mahesh questions Rajveer about the locker’s mysterious opening. Rajveer recalls finding a file under the bed, which made him suspicious and prompted him to change the password. He suspects someone from the family might be involved, but Mahesh dismisses the idea. Shaurya confronts Rajveer about his actions, but Rajveer deflects and leaves. Mahesh decides to rest, feeling weary.

Kavya gets ready nervously as Palki reassures her. Beejee and Daljeet discuss Palki’s future, with Beejee suggesting a wealthy match. However, Daljeet points out that Rajveer is not from a wealthy family.

Mahesh and Rajveer meet Varun’s parents, but Rajveer leaves abruptly, leaving Shaurya suspicious. Shaurya notices the detective serving drinks and sends him to keep an eye on Karan. Shaurya accidentally bumps into Shanaya, who brushes it off and walks away.

Preeta joins the party, but confusion arises when guests mistake her for Rishab’s wife. Rakhi clarifies the misunderstanding, and Bani Dadi advises Rakhi to handle the situation calmly.

Sandy spices up the party with his dance, dragging Rajveer and Shaurya onto the dance floor. Varun receives a call and leaves hurriedly, causing Preeta to become suspicious. Roma tries to stop Preeta from following Varun, but Preeta remains determined. Varun’s actions raise concerns, and Preeta senses something amiss.

Nidhi confides in Arohi about her heartbreak, while Arohi encourages her to embrace change. Nidhi expresses her despair at not being able to have Karan’s love. Shaurya interrupts and praises Arohi, inviting Nidhi to join the party.

Meanwhile, Varun enters a dark room and is surprised by someone’s presence. Shaurya walks in, and Varun hurriedly explains himself. Shaurya asks him to join the party, and Varun leaves, feeling relieved.

Preeta confronts Roma about her behavior, sensing that Roma is trying to prevent her from leaving. Roma denies any ulterior motives, but Preeta remains suspicious of her intentions.

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