Dance Deewane Season 3 Episode 12 Dosti Special, Anu Malik & Udit Narayan Guests, Papai Antara Blindfold Act, 4 April 2021 Written Details

Papai and Antara gave a mind boggling dance performance in which Antara was blindfolded on todays Dosti Special episode of DD3 (Dance Deewane Season 3). Another dance battle happened between Gunjan vs Somansh also Presha gave an awesome Bharatnatyam performance on Taal Se Taal Mila. Ajay and Shilpa did a comedy act playing the characters of Bharti and Haarsh in their dance at the end.

Dance Deewane Season 3 EP 12 Contestants Names with Performances, and Judges Reactions

First Solo contestant – Presha – Age 6 Yrs – Presha did Bharatnatyam on Taal Se Taal Mila and after getting impressed by her dance Dharmesh sir pressed the play during her dance. Madhuri mam also gave her play. Tushar Kalia also loved her act and pressed the play. Presha says her mother is her best friend. Presha and her mother did dance together on Taal Se Taal Mila.

Second Duo Contestants – Papai and Antara – Age 23 Yrs and 18 Yrs – They danced on Suraj Hua Madham and Antara was blindfolded during their balancing act. Judges got amazed during their dance and they received standing ovations. The ending of their performance was jaw dropping. Tushar sir says it was one of their best act of DD3 and he pressed play. Dharmesh sir says this was a kind of a performance which is still going through his mind and he pressed play for them. Madhuri gave them play as well. Madhuri mam also whistled for them.


Third Solo Contestant – Jamuna – Age 44 Yrs – Jamuna danced on Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai famous song of Madhuri Dixit. Anu Malik says Aag Laga Di on her dance. Jamuna says her husband is her best friend. A video call was made to Jamuna’s husband and he was very happy seeing his wife dance. She said I love you too to her husband.

Fourth Solo Contestant – Sohail Khan – Age 6 Yrs – Sohail gave his and his friends introduction in English. He danced on Suno Gaur Se Duniya Waalo. All the judges stood up after his dance and they pressed play together for him. Dharmesh says today it appeared a star was dancing in front of me. Tushar says it was his best performance till now. Madhuri Dixit whistled for him.

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Fifth Solo Contestant – Gunjan– Age 6 Yrs – Gunjan danced on Jhanjariya Meri Chanak Gayi and Dharmesh sir says after her dance that he wants to keep watching her. Play was pressed by Dharmesh for Gunjan. Tushar sir also gave her play. Madhuri mam sung a song for Gunjan and she gave her play too.

A dance battle happened between Gunjan vs Somansh – Somansh danced on Jaanam Samjha Karo after which Gunjan danced on Chunri Chunri. At last both of them danced on Hum Bhi Hai Josh Mei.

Sixth Duo Contestants – Ajay and Shilpa– Age 45 Yrs and 37 Yrs – Ajay and Shilpa played the role of Bharti and Haarsh during their dance. Everyone loved their funny performance including Bharti and Haarsh. Dharmesh sir loved their comic act. Madhuri mam says she wants them to get out of their comfort zone. In the end real Bharti and Haarsh danced together at the end of which Haarsh was about to drop Bharti on stage after which Bharti kicked him in the guts.

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