Anupamaa 5 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Vanraj insults Anuj at Bhoomi Pooja

Vanraj, Kavya and Baa were at the doorsteps, Bhavesh arrives and Vanraj asks him where is maaji? Bhavesh says she was having knee pain. Bhavesh then meets Anuj and Baa tells Vanraj that even Bhavesh joined Anuj’s fan club. Anuj welcomes Baa, Kavya and Vanraj. Vanraj sits in the pooja and Pandit ji tells Anuj and Anupama to put their hands in oil and put the print on paper. They both did that but then the paper fled on Vanraj’s shirt and both of their hands got printed on his shirt.

Pooja concluded and Anuj & Anupama distributed the Prashad. Anupama tells Vanraj that I know you did not came here for the pooja so say what’s in your mind but in a proper manner. Vanraj puts his hand in the pocket but media called Anupama and Anuj for the interview. Bapuji tells Baa to stop Vanraj but she says I won’t stop my son.

Anuj and Anupama attended the media. Pakhi asked Anuj do you still love my mother because I don’t want to see my parents separated. Anuj says I will never come in between you and your mother. Both of them became friends and seeing this Vanraj gets jealous.

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After the media session, Vanraj confronted Anuj and he started insulting him because Anuj’s company gave him an investment offer. He said I don’t want a favour and you are doing this for your own benefit. Anuj asks what’s my benefit in it. Vanraj says your benefit is standing with you, pointing at Anupama.

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