Spy Bahu episode 8 written updates 23 March 2022 – Sejal gets angaged with Jatin

Minal and Sejal gabbed Bamba and started asking him are you alright. Bamba wakes up and Sejal says I won’t let anything bad happen to you Fareed bhai. Minal tells Sejal that Bamba is alright. Later in the day Saras turned on a news channel and Sejal gets sad hearing Srinagar blast news. Minal tells Saras to change channel and he switched news channel to sports channel. Suryakant called Sejal again and he tells her if you agreed to help me then I will help you in finding your brother Fareed. Sejal agrees to help Suryakant in his mission.

Next morning postman came and he gave a letter to Minal and Minal asks Sejal, how did you got job in Delhi. Flashback started and it was revealed that Suryakant told Sejal that he will manage something to bring her to Delhi as she can’t tell about this top secret mission to anyone. Minal tells Sejal why you didn’t tell me about it, do you want to leave us. Sejal tells Saras if I do job at Delhi then we will be able to open the restaurant soon at Delhi. Minal says ok I will allow you to go to Delhi on one condition.

Sejal tells Jatin why did you agreed for engagement and Jatin says you don’t worry if in future you want to cancel the engagement then you can do it. Sejal tells Jatin that you care for me a lot. Sejal gets ready for engagement and she thinks that on mummy’s request I am doing engagement but my actual motive is to go for secret mission in Delhi and find my brother Fareed. Sejal gets engaged to Jatin.

Baa was not happy and she tells Sejal that there is no love between you and Jatin. She tells Sejal to close your eyes and think about a strong charming prince who is coming on horse for you. Sejal closes her eyes but did not saw anyone. Baa says you did not saw anyone. Yohan played Polo and wins the competition. Baa tells Sejal don’t worry one day your prince charming will come on a white horse and will take you away.

Yohan celebrates his win and he dedicates the trophy to Arun saying that he dedicates it to his father for bringing him out of the jail. He tells Arun that he will never come to his office. Arun leaves from there in anger.

Sejal leaves for Delhi after seeking blessings of her parents Minal and Saras. Sejal’s flight landed at Delhi. Tanhaji picked her up from outside the airport and took her to the agency. Sejal had a tough time taking her luggage up on the stairs. Suryakant welcomed Sejal to Indian Intelligence Agency and he tells Sejal not to take tension. Sejal meets everyone outside and Tanhaji asks her to handover her phone saying its protocol.

Tanhaji tells Sejal that your phone will remain switched off. Sejal throws down her tiffin box and Tanhaji says she has already created the mess. Sejal says during my childhood I learned Karate and she started showing kicks. She further says that I have good stamina and she throws luggage on Tanhaji’s feet.

Tanhaji plays a chit game and says there are two jars and the jar with tick mark means that you will be able to do the mission and the jar with cross mark means you won’t. Everyone started putting money in the cross mark jar and Tanhaji tells Sejal to pack your bags.

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