ALTT Web Series Honey Trap Squad Season 1 EP 3 (The Myth) Full Written Updates with Akanksha Puri & Ruma Sharma Hot Scenes Details

Vicky Agarwal tells Bebo about Balwant Jangid aka Router (Ankit Shukla) and he tells her that he looks after the transportation of the counterfeit currency. Bebo asks, where can we found him? Vicky says he is untraceable. Bebo says that stop doing character building and tell me his last location. Vicky says that I can tell you that he is in Rajasthan to complete the work of Ashish, but sorry you won’t be able to catch him.

Router makes a phone call to Hamid and he tells him that very soon transportation will start. Hamid tells him to be careful because RAW is after you. One of Hamid Shaikh’s client tells him that you need to do something about this RAW problem and Hamid hires Mirage (Sharad Malhotra) for the job. Hamid’s client tells him that you don’t have much time.

Hamid sends advance money to Mirage’s account and sends him the pictures of Vicky and Ashish, telling him to find them. Janhavi went to her boyfriend’s vanity van and she started making out with him. Spot boy called him by telling him that your shot is ready.

Mirage managed to find out secret Bartender RAW agent’s (Sharleen Dutt) identity and he went to her club in a Sikh get-up. Mirage started drinking on peg after another. At night, the bartender went back to her hotel room and Mirage trapped her in her room. Mirage asks her about Vicky and Ashish but she didn’t opened her mouth. Mirage tells her that you have seen my face and now you have to die. Mirage killed her by stabbing her throat with a knife.

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Honey informs Riya and Bebo that Router loves having fun with women at night at his farmhouse or at the red light area. Riya disguised herself as a red light area girl and she manages to take Router to the bedroom but Mirage warned him in time and he leaves from their without getting trapped.

Riya started following Router’s car and Mirage started following her car. Riya tells Honey that its time to activate plan B because it seems that someone is following her. Router went to his farmhouse and Bebo came inside his room. Bebo started making out with Router on the bed and she ends up stabbing him with a knife.

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