AEW Dynamite 24 February 2021 Results, Sting settles score with Team Taz – Written Details

The Iconic Sting along with Darby Allin settled the score with Team Taz for the humiliation they faced last week. Matt Hardy goes after the members of Dark Order, Nyla Rose defeated Britt Baker in the Semi Final match of AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament, Lance Archer competes against Rey Fenix in the Qualifying Match For Face Of Revolution Ladder Match.

AEW Dynamite 24 February 2021 Winners and Losers

1. Jon Moxley vs. Ryan Nemeth – Singles Match

Winner – Jon Moxley

Loser – Ryan Nemeth

Before the match – Ryan Nemeth was all kind of confident in a pre-match promo and when the bell rings he gets a slap for his athletic efforts.

During match – Crossface strikes by Jon Moxley and there’s quite a bit of them. Nemeth throat chops Mox and gives him some hard knees, but a back drop suplex downs Ryan. Mox stomps on the left hand of Ryan and then twists away at it in the corner. Nemeth gets a boot up and Ryan fires back. He catches Mox in the corner with a shoulder thrust and then soon hits a dropkick on the former AEW Champ, Mox hits an elevated Paradigm Shift for the victory.

Post Match – Jon Moxley grabs a mic. Mox says that he knew from the moment he lost the AEW Title that he’d do whatever it take to get back to the top of the hill and it turns out that’s exactly is what he’s going to have to do. What images come to mind when he hears the words “Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match?” Fire, blood, burns, torture, agony. Vintage Japanese wrestling magazines. Do your palms shake? Do you get a sick thrill? He’s an addict. He’s addicted to this. It’s a feeling he can’t get enough of. So the thought and the idea of the exploding barbed wire deathmatch is too attractive. It pulls him in even if it is a trap by Kenny. He isn’t the first of a long sad line of guys who have tried to take him out. Win, lose or draw and anybody who has stuck by him, they will know when it’s all said and done, he’s going to give them everything he has. If it all comes to an end at Revolution, he couldn’t think of a perfect way (a hell of a way) to go out.

2. The Varsity Blonds vs. Team Taz (Ricky Starks & Brian Cage with Hook and Taz) – Tag Team Match

Winners – Team Taz

Losers – The Varsity Blonds

Pillman Jr. and Starks start the festivities off. The two exchange arm wrenches but Brian flips and boots at Starks from the ground. Tag to Garrison who wrenches Starks’ arm and tags Brian back in. Starks gets tripped up by Brian’s body who dropkicks him through the ropes. Roll up from Brian gets a two. Chops from him in the corner to Starks. Brian goes for a springboard on the apron but Starks throat chops him off. Cage takes advantage and attacks him as we went to commercial.

Back from Break – Brian Cage curls Pillman before tagging in Starks who isolates Pillman. He hits a massive dropkick for a near fall. Cage gets tagged in again and takes it to Pillman before tagging in Ricky once more. Starks slugs Griff, but it’s not long before Garrisson runs through both foes. He dives onto Cage on the outside. He flapjacks Ricky and almost gets the W, but Cage makes the save. Springbaord clothesline from Brian to Cage. Dropkick powerbomb by the Blonds to Starks and it’s very close to a victory, but Ricky kicks out. Ricky spears and Cage hits a Drillclaw on Brian Pillman Jr. for the 1-2-3 win.

Post Match – Post-match, lights go out and we see a body being dragged by a car. Who’s at the wheel but Sting. Out from the body bag emerges Darby Allin who smiles. Sting’s music hits and snow begins to flurry as The Icon walks out. He’s dragging a body bag, but who does he pull out of it, but Hook. Darby Allin comes down from the rafters via a ziplin and he strikes Starks and Cage with his skateboard. Taz goes to aid his son as Sting focuses in on Cage. Stinger splash to Cage! He chops down Cage and drops him with the Scorpion Deathdrop. Cage is out as Sting and Darby stand in ring. Taz and Hook looks on from the stage.

3. Brandon Cutler vs. Jake Hager – Singles Match

Winner – Jake Hager

Loser – Brandon Cutler

JE notes Jake Hager isn’t in a good mood as Culter takes a shot at Jake. He fires off at Hager in the corner and goes for a sunset flip, but Hager catches him in a wheelbarrow German. He deadlifts Cutler once more. Cutler was hurting in the corner as Hager big boots him. Hager Bomb as JR commemorates Vader by mentioning the legend. Cutler kicks Hager in the mush and manages to dump Jake on the outside. He topes on Jake who then goes back in and flips over the top on Jake. Hager catches Cutler back in the ring for his Oklahoma slam. He sizes Brandon up and nails him major with a lariat. That’s it.

Post Match – Inner Circle come out to assault Cutler. Young bucks come out and they superkick him to safety as IC bails. Matt Jackson gets on the mic and calls out MJF and Chris Jericho. He wants them right here, right now. MJF and Chris appear on screen. Why come see them face to face when they face them at Revolution. Also, they happened to find someone backstage: a bloody Papa Buck. Chris tosses Papa into the trailer truck versions of Matt and Nick. THe real brothers come into the picture as Matt chases down MJF and Jericho who escaped off in a SUV.

Back from break – Papa Buck was put into the ambulance as The Good Brothers join him on the way to the hospital.

4. Isiah Kassidy (with Matt Hardy & TH2) vs. Adam Hangman Page – Singles Match

Winner – Adam Hangman Page

Loser – Isiah Kassidy

Bell rings and Isiah begins to attack Adam, but Hangman goes Stone Cold on him by stomping a mudhole and walking it dry. Fallaway slam and Isiah powders. Kassidy lures Page back in and stomps on him. The two trade shots, but Hangman blasts him with a lariat.

Adam Hangman Page takes some shots at Isiah in the corner. Isiah tries to leap off at him, but Page hits him with a boot and Isiah goes on the outside. Page dives on top of him. Hangman stares down Matt before he breaks the count and clotheslines Isiah over the barricade and into the crowd. Hangman pulls Isiah back into the area of action Hangman goes to powerbomb Isiah through the doctor’s table, but Kassidy wriggles free and slides back in. Hangman sizes him up for a Buckshot Lariat, but Matt holds onto his leg. Out come Silver and Reynolds. They notify Aubrey who ejects Matt. It’s down to Kassidy and Hangman now (except with TH2 at ringside and Silver and Reynolds). We go to picture-in-picture.
Back from break – Isiah Kassidy and Hangman Page were locked up as Isiah focuses on Adam’s right arm. Hangman was on the apron, but he pulls the arm of Isiah in order to even the odds. Hangman hits Isiah hard with a rolling elbow strike and nearly picks up the pin, but Isiah kicks out. Hangman picks up Isiah, but Kassidy hits him with a step up kick. Hangman catches him with a DVD and both men were down.

Isiah Kassidy gets up first, but Adam lariats him in the corner. Page goes for a sliding lariat but Isiah avoids. Page hits him with a brainbuster and gets a near fall. Karl Kox gets refernced and so does Dick Murdoch. Isiah hits an enziguri and reverse hurricanrana, but Page gets a shoulder up after a pin attempt. Isiah triangle holds the arm of Hangman, but it doesn’t pay off. Hangman goes to lariat Isiah on the apron, but Isiah yanks the right arm of Page. Isiah goes for a destroyer but Hangman turns it into a Dead Eye and gets the W.

Post-match, Matt Hardy comes out saying Hangman Page chose the Dark Order over him. Now Hardy vows to attack the members of The Dark Order that he loves. He comes out with 5 and tosses him off the stage and through the doctor’s table.

5. Nyla Rose vs. Britt Baker (with Rebel) – AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament Semi-Finals Match

Winner – Nyla Rose

Loser – Britt Baker

Nyla Rose gets kicked fiercely several times and then gets hit with a curcifix bomb. Britt Baker goes for her Lockjaw once more, but Nyla fights free. Beast Bomb by Nyla. It takes her a moment to cover, but Britt kicks out at two! Britt goes for a thrust kick but Nyla manages to nail another Beast Bomb on Baker for the win!

6. Lance Archer (with Jake Roberts) vs. Rey Fenix – Qualifying Match For Face Of Revolution Ladder Match

Winner – Lance Archer

Loser – Rey Fenix

Bell rings and the two men stare one another down. Archer doesn’t relent and gets the better of Fenix for awhile until Fenix catches him with a hurricanrana. Fenix goes for a handspring attack but Archer bats him down. Archer holds Rey’s head under the bottom rope and talks trash to him. Rey soon dumps Archer to the outside and vaults himself against Archer. Fenix lands over the guardrail and on his feet. Archer gets back up but Jake grabs hold of Rey’s leg up top and trips him onto the stage. Despite that, Rey dives over Jake and onto Archer. The brawl continues to go on the outside as we head to picture-in-picture.

Fenix hits the Spanish fly. Fenix goes for the pin, and Archer kicks out at two. Archer is back up and hits Archer with a powerbomb to the ropes. Both men are still going at it with almost no time remaining, but Archer hits the Blackout and follows it up by going for the pin, which gets him the win. Lance Archer moves onto the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match at AEW Revolution. Archer and Fenix were shown embracing each other with a fist bump before going off the air.

AEW Dynamite 24 February 2021 All Segments Updates

1. We are shown the contention that Archer and Fenix had earlier in the week as word got out about their main event match tonight. Fenix and Archer brawl it out and we cut to the first commercial break of the night.

2. Tony Schiavone is sitting with Miro, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. Kip notes that it should have been a special moment, but Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor ruined it. Miro knows he’s going to get to Orange, but he like Charles. He tells Charles that he can come back to him. Come home. All is forgiven but not forgotten. Schiavone gets handed a note. Chuck writes Miro and Kip a note if they’ll wrestle both him and Orange at Revolution. Miro was not pleased.

3. We cut to Omega, Don Callis and others working in a shop. They look to be assembling some weaponry for his upcoming match against Jon Moxley. Kenny was wearing a welder’s mask and everything before he sends Alex Marvez packing.

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