Hunters App Khaat (2024) Web Series Lead Actress Names, Release Date, Story Written, Pics, and More

Khaat web series on Hunters OTT APP has been released and Rani Pari has given many bold scenes in this multi-part episodic horror thriller. This is a Desi village type series and fans will get to see a lot of spicy action with some heart-wrenching twists.

Khaat web series on Hunters App is a Horror story and it has a serious plot with multiple hot bedroom scenes featuring various top level actresses. Everyone’s favourite Rani Pari is playing a very important role in this series and she has done a lot of body show in this one.

Hunters Web Series Khaat (2024) Full Story Written Updates

A newly married groom was shown getting excited for his Suhagraat and was waiting for his bride in the dark room of a mysterious Haveli. All of a sudden, a ghost lady appears in front of him in bridal wear and then she disappears.


Bride came in the room and the groom praises the beauty of his wife Kaurpreet. Kaurpreet and the guy makes out in the bedroom and while making out, bride eyes turns ghostly and then the groom gets unconscious. Doctor in the hospital says that he has never seen a case like this in his entire career. The ghost lady was shown singing a song in the Haveli.


Deepika serves dinner to her brother-in-law and her husband Vijay. She advices her brother-in-law to get married, but he says that after Vaibhavi’s death, he doesn’t want to marry again. Vijay tells his brother that he is leaving for the Project location tomorrow.

Deepika gets sad that Vijay is going to the Project location alone and Vijay tells her that its a remote location, so he has to go alone. Deepika and Vijay makes out with each other on the bed.


Vijay leaves for the Project location and at night, his car broke down in the middle of a village. A drunk local guy advices Vijay to look for a place to stay in the village at night.

Vijay came across the mysterious Haveli and the ghost lady greets him there. She tells him that you are my guest for tonight and this will be a memorable night for you. The lady takes off her veil and then she makes out with Vijay in the Haveli. Vijay falls flat and the ghost lady laughs.

Deepika gets worried because Vijay didn’t returned back even after 4 days and she informed her brother-in-law. Deepika receives a call from city hospital that Vijay has been admitted there and they both went to see him.

The doctor informs Deepika and her brother-in-law that because of some witch, Vijay has gotten impotent and he will never become father again. Vijay’s brother vows to find the cause of Vijay’s condition.

Brother of Vijay went to the village and a old watchman tells him the story of a girl named Kaurpreet.

A beautiful girl named Kaurpreet marries a rich landlord, but it turns out that the landlord was a big womanizer. On the night of her suhagraat, the landlord went to have fun with a servant girl, leaving his wife alone on bed. Kaurpreet was getting anxious waiting for him.

What is the name of lead actress in Hunters Khaat Web Series?

Rani Pari is the main lead actress in Hunters App Khaat web series. She has played the character of ghost lady named Kaurpreet in this web series.

Hunters Web Series Khaat (2024) Wiki Info Full

Web Series Name Khaat
OTT Platform Hunters App
Genre Horror
Lead Actress Rani Pari
Total Episodes 3

What is the release date of Hunters Khaat Web Series?

Hunters Khaat Web Series was released on Wednesday, 17 January 2024 at 12:00 AM IST.

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