Halo Season 1 Episode 1 Contact Written Updates – Master Chief disobeys order to execute Kwan Ha

The episode started with a group of Elites attacking a human outpost at Madrigal planet, UEG Outer Colonies in year 2552. General’s daughter Kwan Ha who was wandering around the Madrigal planet along with her friends in search of hydrogen informed her father that she saw a suspicious ship. Elites started creating havoc and just when they were going to kill the general, Master Chief jumped out of his ship and saved him. Master Chief with his silver team i.e. Kai, Riz, and Vannak started killing Elites one by one. After so much of brutal fight General gets killed by an Elite with a energy sword and Kwan was the only remaining human survivor on the Madrigal planet.

Master Chief after taking care of the Elites started investigating the Madrigal planet. He saw a covenant ship near a cave and along with Kai he started investigating the cave. Master Chief sees a mysterious object inside the cave and started retrieving it. There was an Elite in the cave and he was secretly watching chief. Master Chief had a flashback while retrieving the object and Kai took care of him. Elite escapes from the cave and Master Chief followed him. Master Chief tells Riz, Kai, and Vannak to take back the ship to the Fleetcom for research & Intel and he is bringing back the object. Kai says its against the procedure and chief says its an order. Master Chief sees Kwan lying on the ground.

At Planet Reach, Fleetcom, UNSC Headquarters, Dr. Catherine Halsey sees the recording of Spartan mission at Madrigal planet by Master Chief. Admiral Parangosky arrives and she tells Catherine that around 150 rebels at Madrigal planet got killed and its not a good sign for the image of your Silver team. Catherine informed her that one survivor got saved and John is bringing her back. Parangosky says its not enough and then Catherine responds we found a secret object and its something completely different. She further says that we are fighting the aliens since years but still we don’t know where did they came from, what they want, and how to beat them. Parangonsky says that Miranda Keyes will take care of Kwan as she is a friendly face to the people of Madrigal Planet. Catherine says but I will see the object first when it will arrive and Parangosky says Miranda sees the alien technology here to which Catherine responds saying John found it so I will see it first. Catherine had someone kept inside a glass dome.

At High Charity, Covenant Command, Alien commander tells a mysterious girl that a Spartan found the object we are seeking and it started working after he touched it. The girl says I need to talk to that Spartan. Alien commander says that I brought you here so that you can tell me about their kind and we can defeat them. The girl says I will do my best to help you.

Kwan wakes up on ship and she started shouting open the door. Miranda confronts her through a hologram and she tells her that UNSC needs her help as she can say on camera how Spartans tried to save her people on the Madrigal planet so that politicians can stop bickering and they can focus on other things. Kwan says what if I say that Spartans killed 150 people brutally on Madrigal and now they are trying to put blame on Aliens. Miranda asks Kwan, what you want and Kwan says Independence of Madrigal as my dad wanted the same. Miranda says we will see you on Reach.

Master Chief tells Catherine that when he touched the object then he saw some flashbacks. Catherine asks what kind of flashbacks and John says a jungle, a white dog and a family. Catherine tells John that you have suffered a lot and when you will get back here then we will sort it out. Catherine tells her assistant that in every 10 minutes she wants his live streaming and when chief lands then he has to bring him back straight to her.

Chief finally opened the door and Kwan asks him what are you doing. Chief says I am checking my bio metrics that whether they are working right or not. Kwan asks will you stay alive and Chief says yes. Kwan then requested him for food.

Miranda tells her dad that I can’t believe that I have to lie to a rebel for Halsey’s Spartan. He says that she is single minded and her work is everything for her. Miranda says it sounds weird when its about your own mother. Miranda’s father says that you both are somewhat same and he also tells her that we have to kill Kwan Ha and this needs to happen to protect humanity. Miranda says you are just talking like Halsey.

Kwan was eating with Master Chief in the ship and she asks him don’t you eat and Chief says I don’t like these things. Kwan asks then what you like and Chief says nuts, bolts, microchips after which he says he was joking. Kwan says yeah I get it. Kwan tells Chief that he killed her mother during a meeting on the Outer Colonies and Chief says we got the orders to kill the organizer first but at last point orders changed. Kwan says I see you everywhere, you are humanity’s best weapon. Chief gets orders to terminate Kwan Ha and he asked her name and she says Kwan Ha. Kwan asked him for how long we are stuck in this ship and Chief says there’s still a lot of time left. Kwan asks what after that and Chief says that’s still being worked out. Master Chief turned off the live feed from ship.

Admiral Parangosky showed Catherine that Master Chief has turned off the live feed on the ship and she asked her what’s the problem. Catherine says there’s a glitch in him due to the power surge in his prefrontal cortex and due to this he is getting the flashbacks of his parents. Catherine further says that these are just visions for him. Parangosky says that we have a killing machine working the way it wants and its a huge risk. Catherine seeks approval for Cortana and Parangosky says there won’t be any Cortana or Cloning. She orders Catherine to control her Spartan.

From the command centre Parangosky and her men tried to decrease the oxygen level on Master Chief’s ship but Chief somehow managed to bring the oxygen back to normal. Parangosky gave the orders to neutralize Chief as soon as the ship lands. Catherine tells Riz, Kai, and Vannak to neutralize anyone who tries to kill Chief as you three need to protect him at any cost.

Kwan points a gun at Chief and he tells her that he is wearing a titanium plated armour so she won’t be able to hurt him. Chief takes off his helmet and tells her that if you want to kill me then hit on my head. Parangosky and Catherine finds out that Chief took off his helmet. Kwan throws down the weapon after which Chief and Kwan started making efforts to put the ship on manual mode. Ship was about to land but Chief managed to put it in manual mode. Parangosky orders to hit the ship with pulse and ship crashed down. Chief touched the object and ship gets powered back again after which he tells Kwan to put on the belts.

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