Dance Deewane Season 3 Episode 8 Grand Premiere, Remo D’Souza tribute, Parineeti Chopra, Panwelkars Comedy Act, 21 March 2021 Written Details

Remo D’Souza and Parineeti Chopra came as special guests on todays episode of DD3 (Dance Deewane Season 3) and all the contestants gave a special dance tribute to Remo sir after which he got very emotional. Sahil and Anjali kicked off todays performances with their very cute romantic dance but Panwelkars comic dance act was the best part of todays episode and at the end Papai & Antara took our breathe away with their balancing dance act on a plane.

Dance Deewane Season 3 EP 8 Contestants Names with Performances, and Judges Reactions

First Duo contestants – Sahil and Anjali– Age 19 Yrs and 18 Yrs – Sahil & Anjali gave a romantic dance performance on Chaand Chhupa Badal Mein song and judges clapped for them after their dance. Dharmesh sir praised them for their fast footwork. Remo sir appreciated them for using the props so well after which Madhuri praised them for their beautiful chemistry.

Second Group – Panwelkars – Age 21 – 21 Yrs – Panwelkars gave a funny dance performance featuring Madam Maya, Badman, Crime master Gogo, Mogambo and Gabbar on Dhating Naach song. Dharmesh grabs Madam Maya’s hands and pressed the play buzzer after the end of their performance. Dharmesh liked their comedy a lot and he also loved the way they remained in their characters. Remo sir says this is it for Panwelkars. Madhuri says Panwelkars can reach the top 6 easily and she also whistled for them. Tushar Kalia loved Maya a lot.

Third Solo Contestant – Presha – Age 6 Yrs – Presha gave an awesome Bharatnatyam dance performance on Dhol Baje song. At the end of her dance Presha received a standing ovation from all the judges. Madhuri says that Gujarati people have dhamaka in their performance. Dharmesh sir praised her for the amount of steps she did. Remo sir praised her in Gujarati. Tushar Kalia called Presha a teekhi mirchi. Presha’s whole family and even relatives came to watch her performance. All of them brought Gujarati food for the judges after which they did a dance performance for Dharmesh sir.

All the contestants gave a dance tribute to Remo sir showing the life story of Remo D’Souza through their dance. Everyone got emotional after the end of their dance. Remo sir thanked them for the tribute. Remo bowed down to them and all the contestants touched his feet. Dharmesh cried after getting emotional and he says that he prays to God if anything happens in future then firstly it should happen to him then Remo sir. Remo sir calmed him down. Remo sir says to contestant to make Dharmesh your inspiration and its his proudest moment that Dharmesh is sitting next to him as judge in the same panel.

Parineeti gets introduced by Raghav as special guest and she came to promote her upcoming film Saina on the stage of Dance Deewane Season 3.

Fourth Solo Contestant – Somansh– Age 6 Yrs – Somansh gave a hip hop dance performance on Simba Teri Phirki song. Madhuri gave a standing ovation to Somansh and she pressed the play buzzer for him after which Dharmesh and Parineeti also pressed it. Madhuri whistled for Somansh as she loved his dance. Remo sor also liked Somansh’s performance a lot. Dharmesh sir called Somansh the sher of this dance jungle. Tushar sir praised Somansh with his shayri. Somansh said a beautiful funny Shayri for Parineeti Chopra after which Raghav made fun of Dharmesh calling him a monkey.

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Fifth Solo Contestant – Jamuna – Age 44 Yrs – Jamuna danced on Mera Piya Ghar Aaya song. All the judges and Parineeti clapped for Jamuna after her performance. Madhuri whistled for Jamuna saying she is giving her more power. Remo sir says that Jamuna’s performance was very close to Madhuri mam. Parineeti Chopra clicked a selfie with Jamuna. All the contestants along with Parineeti and Jamuna danced on stage. All the judges pressed play buzzer for Jamuna.

Sixth Solo Contestant – Aman Kumar Raj – Age 8 Yrs – Aman gave a funny Govinda style dance performance on Mera Waala Dance song. Tushar, Parineeti and Dharmesh pressed the play buzzer for Aman at the end of his dance. Madhuri praised Aman for the various shades he has shown in his dance and she whistled for him too. Parineeti says that she is feeling ashamed seeing him doing such things at this age. Remo sir praised Aman for the jump he did at the start of his performance and he says that from now on you’ll have so many options to eat that you will get confused what to eat. Dharmesh sir says that he sees Aman in top 6. Tushar Kalia gifted Aman 4th standard books and a tablet. Aman’s father says that today he has seen heaven thanks to his son. Parineeti gets very emotional seeing Aman and his father.

Seventh Solo Contestant – Yogesh – Age 37 Yrs – Yogesh gave a thrilling dance performance on Shankara Re song and he did a full split at the end of his dance. Remo sir tells Yogesh that his act suited his performance but he needs to work harder.

Finally Parineeti Chopra left but the episode continued.

Eighth Duo Contestants – Papai and Antara – Age 23 Yrs and 18 Yrs – Papai and Antara gave a breathtaking balancing act dance performance dancing on a plane on Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua song. Papai and Antara got a standing ovation from all the judges. Tushar Kalia appreciated them as they got only 1 hour for rehearsal. Madhuri also loved their performance a lot. Remo also loved their stunts. Dharmesh sir pressed play buzzer for them because they justified their daredevil name.



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