Dance Deewane Season 3 Episode 7 Grand Premiere, Remo D’Souza, Arundhati Bada Pachtaoge Dance, 20 March 2021 Written Details

Grand Premiere episode of Dance Deewane Season 3 starts with Gen 1, 2, and 3 from Top 16 entering the stage dancing on DD3 Title song. Remo D’Souza makes an entrance on Allah Duhai Hai as special guest for today. Raghav Juyal and Dharmesh Sir both hugged Remo after which Top 16 were welcomed. With the contestants and judges Raghav cracked some jokes and then the performances begins.

Dance Deewane Season 3 EP 7 Contestants Names with Performances, and Judges Reactions

First Solo contestant – Sohail Khan – Age 6 Yrs – Sohail gave his introduction in English and Raghav says that you spoke a very nice essay. Dharmesh sir tells Remo that he has given him the title of Kasimpur Ka Sultan. Sohail gave a mind blowing dance performance on Malhari song. All the judges including Remo’D’Souza gave Sohail a standing ovation. Remo sir praised Sohail and he tells all the kids to drink milk as its very important after that Madhuri whistled for Sohail. Tushar sir requested Sohail to give him atleast one goat but Sohail says no as Tushar will eat it. A video call was made to Sohail’s home and he gets emotional seeing his family also his family showed their goats.

Second Solo Contestant – Suchna – Age 39 Yrs – Suchna says that a grand celebration was held for her after she got selected in Top 16 and she got a grahapravesh feeling also her mother-in-law gifted her anklet. Suchna gave a very interesting Lavni dance performance on Haye Garmi song. All the judges gave Suchna a standing ovation. Remo sir says that its the first time he saw someone doing Lavni on Haye Garmi after this Tushar Kalia says that he liked her energy throughout her dance. Madhuri also praised Suchna with her shayri and she whistled for her as well. Raghav, Dharmesh & Tushar Kalia did Garmi hook step with Suchna in her Lavni style and Raghav had a lot of fun while doing it.

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Third Solo Contestant – Uday Singh – Age 23 Yrs – Uday says that he had a lot of fun at the beach few days back thanks to Dance Deewane 3 crew. Uday danced on Kyun Main Jagoon song Everyone clapped for Uday after his dance and he showed his story through his dance. Remo sir says that he’s sure that Uday will go way too far in this competition. Dharmesh sir says, Uday has improved a bit since his last dance. Madhuri also praised Uday and he says that now he’ll do even better. Madhuri Dixit gifted sarees to Uday’s mother.

Fourth Solo Contestant – Gunjan– Age 6 Yrs – Raghav had a conversation in Chinese with Gunjan. Gunjan gave a hip hop style dance performance on Wakhra Swag song and all the judgess were continuously pressing play buzzer during her dance. Madhuri says that Gunjan’s performance was more kadak then Assam’s tea. Remo praised Gunjan saying that one day she will represent India and he says this is it for Gunjan. Tushar Kalia says Gunjan has a very nice underground hip hop attitude. Gunjan & Somansh had a verbal argument and later Sohail joined the argument but Presha supported Gunjan.

A dance battle happened between team Gunjan vs team Somansh but at the end of the dance Madhuri and Remo had an argument as Madhuri says team Gunjan won while Remo says team Somansh won.

Fifth Solo Contestant – Piyush – Age 22 Yrs – Piyush danced on Chura Ke Dil Mera song and his performance had a lot of special effects. Remo says that he saw Dharmesh in Piyush after which he pressed the play buzzer with Dharmesh’s hand. Dharmesh sir appreciated Piyush by saying that he became his fan. Piyush tells Remo sir that it was his dream to perform in front of Remo sir and today his life got completed. Madhuri & Tushar both pressed play buzzer as well for Piyush and they both praised him for his dance.

Sixth Solo Contestant – Arundhati – Age 23 Yrs – Arundhati gave a mind boggling dance performance on Bada Pachtaoge song. Remo sir praised Arundhati for her flawless act and he gave her a this is it. Dharmesh sir says even he is getting the same feeling that grand finale is happening. Madhuri Dixit whistled for Arundhati and then she pressed play buzzer for her. Tushar sir says a lot of beautiful words for Arundhati and then he pressed play buzzer for her. Arundhati requested Tushar Kalia again for a duo dance and Raghav starts having fun with Tushar. Raghav made Tushar take off his shirt and then Tushar & Arundhati danced on Bada Pachtaoge.

On Madhuri Dixit’s requested Remo D’Souza and Dharmesh sir gave dance performances. Dharmesh danced on Badtameez Dil while Remo sir danced on the Flute song. At last both Dharmesh and Remo danced on Muqabala song together. Madhuri whistled for both Dharmesh and Remo. Dharmesh sir says thaat the Flute song dance got very old but Remo sir gave it a new touch. Remo says its evergreen.

Seventh Duo Contestants– Ajay and Shilpa – Age 45 Yrs and 37 Yrs – Ajay and Shilpa danced on Ooh La la Song and it was a typical Bollywood style performance. Ajay and Shilpa receives a lot of praise for their dance from judges.

Eighth Solo Contestant – Pallavi – Age 39 Yrs – Pallavi gave a Kathak style dance performance on Silsila Yeh Chahat Ka song. During her dance Tushar Kalia pressed the play buzzer. Remo praised Pallavi for her speed and perfect after which he pressed the play buzzer for her as well. Tushar sir says that her performance was a visual treat and she kept the stamina in last 20 seconds. Dharmesh sir says Pallavi performance feels like a fire reignited. Madhuri praised Pallavi saying that she has lit a Diya in their hearts and she pressed the play buzzer for her as well. Pallavi went to the judges and she hugged them all. Pallavi’s sister came on stage and she says that Pallavi has taken more care of her then her mother. Pallavi responds saying it due to her sister’s support she came on this stage.

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