WWE Divas Era was far better then Women’s Revolution – Full Comparison with facts

Recently former WWE female superstar Ember Moon caught everyone’s attention on the internet when she spilled beans about the treatment of women’s division during her tenure in WWE NXT and main roster brand.  Ember said that there used to be 2 hours long meetings about how to dress up sexy and make women look as hot as Mandy Rose. After these revelations the biggest critics of WWE and also AEW marks came out of their basements all of a sudden as they started bashing WWE for their mistreatment of women’s division.

Although on the hindsight it appears that WWE is going in the absolute right direction if they are going back to the Divas Era as it was far better then the Women’s Revolution nonsense and agenda driven booking which fans were served with for years and we will prove it with the side by side comparisons of both the Era’s in this article further.

WWE Divas Era  WWE Women’s Revolution Era
During divas era most of the women in the roster used to get pushed including Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Lita, Kelly Kelly, Candice Michelle, Victoria, Mickie James etc During the majority of Women’s Revolution only four horsewomen which includes Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch got pushed on the main roster while other talented female stars like Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, Toni Storm, Dana Brooke, and Lacey Evans were made to look like jobbers .
During Divas Era hot and charismatic women used to become champions like Trish Stratus, Lita, Mickie James, and Candice Michelle During Women’s Revolution era even most generic & boring female wrestlers like Bianca Belair, Sasha Banks, and Naomi are holding titles while charismatic stars like Liv Morgan never had a title reign in their 7 year run in the company
Divas Era used to feature women’s in variety of interesting matches and contests on weekly basis which were fun including Bra and Panty matches, Pillow fights, bikini contests, swimwear contests etc During Women’s revolution era female wrestler gets featured only in boring single, tag team or 6 women tag team matches on weekly basis which gets boring overtime.
During Divas Era fans got to witnessed some of the best women rivalries on WWE including Trish Stratus and Lita feud, Trish Stratus and Mickie James feud also the hot and wild feud between Torrie Wilson & Sable which is quite memorable for various reasons. During the Women’s Revolution Era we haven’t see any memorable feuds between the women on the main roster as most of them are just forgettable to say the least.
Divas Era used to cater to a certain demographic between 18-35 demo and the ratings used to reflect that it was quite successful at that time. Women’s Revolutions caters only to few internet marks and the people who doesn’t even watch WWE on TV on weekly basis and the continuously dropping rating numbers just indicates that
Divas Era had something for everyone like intense wrestling feud between Trish & Lita and at the same time hot & sexy bikini and swimwear contests featuring Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Michelle McCool etc. So it was a perfect mixture of profession wrestling with hotness. Women’s Revolution is all about professional wrestling and most of these women are not even good wrestlers like Trish and Lita. So it gets dull and boring most of the times.
During Divas Era WWE creatives used to take risks more often as they did not had any fear of the social media reaction and most of the times those risks used to get paid off big time. During Women’s Revolution Era WWE Creatives hesitates to take even the slightest of the risk with their female superstars as social media marks becomes a big hindrance for them.

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