MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 29 Recap: What Happened on July 6, 2024? Full Written Updates

In MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 29, aired on July 6, 2024, the aftermath of the “Teddy Meri Kahani” challenge brought more drama and intense confrontations. With Sachin and Unnati emerging victorious, tensions were high as contestants faced the Dome session. Here’s a full recap of MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 29.

Confrontations and Manipulations

The episode began with Addy upset over Harsh Arora’s comments about eliminating him. Harsh tried to smooth things over, calling Addy his younger brother. However, Akriti Negi attempted to stir the pot further, only to be told off by Rushali Yadav.

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 29 Complete Recap

Kashish Kapoor confronted Harsh about his comment that she was a “thorn in his eyes.” Initially, Harsh dismissed it as a joke but later admitted it was true, accusing Akriti of provoking Kashish. Akriti continued to manipulate the situation, supported by Jashwanth Bopanna and Shubhi Joshi. Akriti and Jashwanth decided not to pitch for votes, heading to the Dome session without seeking support.

Dome Session Drama

At the Dome session, Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani greeted the contestants. Kashish brought up Harsh’s comments, leading to a heated discussion. Harsh admitted that Addy, Shobhika, and Anicka were his priorities and confirmed that his remarks about Kashish were not jokes, resulting in a confrontation between them.

Sunny announced that the safe contestants, including the ideal matches and winners from previous tasks, would decide who to dump. They had to pick two contestants, and the winning couple would decide who faced the Oracle.

Pitching and Voting

The unsafe contestants pitched against each other, revealing their targets:

  • Anicka: Akriti Negi and Jashwanth Bopanna
  • Dev Karan: Akriti Negi and Jashwanth Bopanna
  • Akriti Negi: Dev Karan and Swastika
  • Jashwanth Bopanna: Lakshay and Swastika
  • Addy: Swastika and Akriti Negi
  • Kashish Kapoor: Swastika and Lakshay
  • Lakshay: Shobhika and Kashish Kapoor
  • Swastika: Akriti Negi and Jashwanth Bopanna
  • Shobhika: Lakshay and Akriti Negi

The safe contestants’ votes to dump were as follows:

  • Harsh Arora and Shubhi Joshi: Kashish Kapoor and Swastika
  • Digvijay Singh Rathee and Nayera Ahuja: Anicka and Akriti Negi
  • Sachin Sharma and Unnati Tomar: Anicka and Dev Karan
  • Arbaz Patel and Rushali Yadav: Kashish Kapoor and Jashwanth Bopanna
  • Aniket and Deekila: Lakshay and Anicka

Votes for the couple to face the Oracle:

  • Anicka: Aniket and Deekila
  • Dev Karan: Aniket and Deekila
  • Addy: Aniket and Deekila
  • Lakshay: Sachin and Unnati
  • Kashish: Aniket and Deekila
  • Swastika: Sachin and Unnati
  • Akriti Negi: Aniket and Deekila
  • Jashwanth Bopanna: Aniket and Deekila
  • Shobhika: Arbaz Patel and Rushali Yadav

Aniket and Deekila faced the Oracle and were deemed an ideal match, leading to Anicka and Lakshay’s elimination.

Mischief Box Twist

The mischief box contained two notes. The first note gave the already dumped contestants, Anicka and Lakshay, one last chance to save themselves by facing the Oracle with a partner of their choice. If they became an ideal match, they would be safe; otherwise, both they and their partners would be eliminated.

Anicka and Lakshay faced the Oracle together and were declared an ideal match, saving themselves.

The second note allowed Anicka and Lakshay to topple one of the ideal matches and replace them in the safe zone. They chose to replace Aniket and Deekila, putting themselves back in power.

Concluding Remarks

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 29 was filled with strategic plays, intense confrontations, and dramatic twists. The contestants’ relationships were tested, and new alliances and rivalries emerged, setting the stage for even more drama in the upcoming episodes.


1. What was the highlight of MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 29?

The highlight was the Dome session’s confrontations and the dramatic twists involving the mischief box.

2. Who were the eliminated contestants in this episode?

Initially, Anicka and Lakshay were eliminated, but they saved themselves by becoming an ideal match.

3. What was the mischief box twist?

The twist allowed Anicka and Lakshay to face the Oracle to save themselves and then replace an ideal match in the safe zone.

4. Who faced the Oracle in this episode?

Aniket and Deekila faced the Oracle and were deemed an ideal match.

5. What was Harsh Arora’s strategy during the Dome session?

Harsh targeted Kashish Kapoor, confirming his priorities and causing a heated confrontation.

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