Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar Spoilers 24 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Karan apologized to Pratik, Manish Paul enters the house

Manish Paul enters the house and he played a chilli game with the contestants in which contestants have to choose the housemates who suits particular category of chilli. Shamita chooses Nishant Bhat as the backstabber chilli for nominating her so early. Vishal Kotian chooses Karan Kundrra as overconfident chilli. Simba Nagpal chooses Jay Bhanushali as greedy chilli. Pratik chooses Jay as the liar chilli and he tells him don’t try to be my father to which Jay responds saying I am your father. Jay chooses Vishal as jealous chilli because according to him he can’t digest seeing someone going ahead of him.

Salman then scolds Jay saying that Bigg Boss gave you a task but your principles came in between. Salman asks him that Bigg Boss made this task and the prize money belonged to him then why you took such a image saving stand in this. Jay says that he has a weakness that he has never played a money game and everyone started dealing so it appears to me as a gamble. Salman counter Jay saying but this is not gambling, this is a game and you could have made a bigger impact by playing with Pratik and those 50 lacs wouldn’t have gone. Vishal said that I gave him the same idea. Salman said to Jay that you didn’t let the round happen after which whole money was gone. Salman advices Jay to take his fear out because it will hurt him badly.

Salman played a ‘Galatfehmi Ke Gubbare’ game with contestants and Karan, Tejasswi, Jay, Akasa, Miesha, Ieshaan, Umar, and Nishant all burst out Vishal’s balloon.

Salman asks Pratik, when Karan pinned you down at that time you did reacted or gotten angry. Pratik said that I realised, I admired Karan Kundrra a lot and he did that with me so I got more hurt then angry. Salman asked what if it was Jay or Ieshaan in Karan’s place. Pratik says the I would have been out of the show as of now and he says that Karan is not that person whom I could have pounced on. Salman says to Karan if you will do the same outside then someone will throw you down one day. Karan says what I did even I am feeling bad but I couldn’t have expected Pratik to ruin my BB points and it effected me a lot because it was Pratik. Karan got very emotion and he apologized to Pratik.

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