Bigg Boss 17 Episode (16 October 2023) Written Updates, Fights Info, New Anthem, and More

Bigg Boss Season 17 has started and fights erupted between multiple contestants on the first day of the show. Abhishek Kumar had major arguments with Isha Malviya and Soniya Bansal. All the contestants selected their houses and some housemates played a funny prank.

Munawar Faruquiand Mannara Chopra were also seen flirting with each other. Some romance was seeing brewing between Isha and Abhishek. Bigg Boss also exposed Vicky Jain’s plan of using Abhishek Kumar as a pawn and also his other plan of throwing Mannara out of the Dil house.

BB17 Day 1 October 16

BB17 Day 1 Episode 2 All Happenings Writtens Details

Day 1 – 2:00 AM – Mannara Chopra tells housaemates that her room is fixed and Abhishek Kumar revolts. Mannara tells Abhishek that Bigg Boss has told her. Abhishek went to consult Munawar about it.

Day 1 – 2:15 AM – Mannara tells Isha about Abhishek’s bad attitude towards her and the arguement between Abhishek & Mannara continues.

Day 1 – 2:45 AM – Abhishek tells Mannara that he is comfortable sleeping with her and she started laughing. Munawar came in between them to sort things out. Arguement broke out between Abhishek and Isha Malviya as Abhishek started shouting at her loudly. Isha started arguing with her and Abhishek said that I am like that.

Day 1 – 3:15 AM – Khanzaadi and Soniya Bansal started back biting about Mannara Chopra regarding her body language. Abhishek tells Isha that he wants to go against Mannara because he dosen’t want her to get any benefit. Abhishek finally apologized to Isha.

Day 1 – 3:30 AM – Mannara tells Munawar that Abhishek has surpassed him and it seems he was controlling you.

Day 1 – 4:15 AM – All the housemates gathered in the living room and Bigg Boss cracked a joke on Ankita Lokhande not wearing mic properly. Bigg Boss welcomed everyone to BB Ka Mohalla. Bigg Boss told all the contestants that he is openly biased and he will favour those who are good for his show. All the contestants clapped.

Bigg Boss asked contestants to choose the house they want to go to and their choices were as follows :

  • Ankita Lokhande – Dil House
  • Munawar Faruqui – Dum House
  • Aishwarya Sharma – Dil House
  • Neil Bhatt – Dil House
  • Vicky Jain – Dil House
  • Khanzaadi – Dum House
  • Navid Sole – Dimaag House
  • Jigna Vora – Dimaag House
  • Isha Malviya – Dil House
  • Abhishek Kumar – Dum House
  • Rinku Dhawan – Dum House
  • Sana Raees Khan – Dimaag House
  • Arun Srikanth Mashettey – Dimaag House
  • Anurag Dobhal – Dimaag House
  • Mannnara Chopra – Dil House
  • Soniya Bansal – Dimaag House
  • Sunny Arya – Dum House

Day 1 – 4:45 AM – Abhishek tells Vicky Jain that his vibe is not matching with Munawar and he likes Isha, but she doesn’t like him. In other room, Jigna Vora, Anurag Dobhal and others said that Abhishek’s behaviour is very strange.

Day 1 – 5:15 AM – Arun Srikanth Mashettey complained about lights being on and Navid Sole tells Bigg Boss in his weird accent to turn off the lights. Everyone started laughing.

Day 1 – 10:30 AM – Vicky tells Mannara that Abhishek doesn’t knew that Isha was coming to the show and they got aggressive seeing each other on the show. Abhishek patched up with Isha and he tells her that you will become wife material here.

Day 1 – 12:00 PM – Jigna Vora tells Neil Bhatt, Rinku Dhawan, and Munawar about her arrest in the murder case. She told them that she stayed in Jail for 9 months and the charges were false.

Day 1 – 12:45 PM – Jigna Vora gave Mannara the name of Mummy Ki Maina. Vicky and Arun discussed about toilet cleaning duty

Day 1 – 2:00 PM – Morning song started and a Bigg Boss 17 original anthem started playing after which all the contestants started dancing on it. Bigg Boss tells all the housemates to gather in a line and then he informs them that this will be your BB anthem for this season. All the housemates started singing the song.

Day 1 – 2:30 PM – Housemates started discussing about the house duties. All the housemates started shouting and Bigg Boss mocked them by saying that they are doing overlapping. Sana Raees Khan was called in the archive room. Bigg Boss informed Sana that the contestants in Dimaag house has the responsibility of running the entire house. Outside in the living room, Abhishek and Sunny started arguing. Sana informed everyone that 6 people in Dimaag house will decide the duties.

Day 1 – 2:45 PM – Dimaag house contestants started discussing about distributing the duties and Jigna Vora suggested them to separate the couples.

Day 1 – 3:00 PM – Finally the duties were assigned to all the contests by Dimaag house people.

Day 1 – 4:00 PM – Abhishek tells in the camera that he doesn’t want to be in the DUM house and he wants to change. Abhishek wanted to come in the Dil house.

Day 1 – 6:30 PM – Navid Sole asks Abhishek, what you like in a partner? Abhishek says that he likes Isha. Navid says that I am more into boys. Ankita tells Mannara that through this show she wants to show people the real Ankita.

Day 1 – 10:00 PM – Munawar says to Mannara that she is not giving him good energy. Mannara said that it appeared that he was ignoring her.

Day – 10:15 PM – Vicky Jain, Khanzaadi, Arun, and Rinku planned on playing a prank.

Day – 10:30 PM – Khanzaadi announced that Bigg Boss is giving a chance to housemates to change their bed. Huge arguement happened between Abhishek and Soniya.

Day 1 – 11:15 PM – Vicky Jain laughed with Khanzaadi and others on the fight that took place between Abhishek and Soniya.

Day 1 – 11:30 PM – Vicky informed Isha about the Prank.

Day 2 – 12:30 PM – Bigg Boss informed everyone regarding the Prank and he told all the contestants to come in their houses. Isha said that she wants Abhishek in Dil house. Bigg Boss mocked Vicky about using his brain way too much and still staying in Dil house with his wife. Bigg Boss called Vicky the madaari of Abhishek’s bandar. Bigg Boss also exposed Vicky Jain’s plan of throwing Mannara out of Dil house. Isha gets annoyed with Mannara’s attitude towards her.

Day 2 – 1:00 AM – Ankita Lokhande tells Vicky that some contestants are looking like his pawns and he tells her that he was just chilling. Abhishek tells Mannara that Isha doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her and Mannara said then why she wants to sleep with you.

Day 2 – 1:15 AM – Munawar, Rinku, and Mannara were called in the confession room and he asks them about their opinion on his script. They all said that it was too good. Bigg Boss told them that all three of you can expose people who set up false narratives.

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