Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar Episode 10 October 2020 Written Updates – Salman Khan’s masti, Nikki gets power

Salman Khan welcomes audience to Bigg Boss 14 First Weekend Ka Vaar and he sat at newly inaugurated BB Theatre. Sallu was enjoying popcorn and he shows viwers the rest of the footage from the happenings of Day 6 as what happened in the remainder of Bulldozer Immunity Task and who won at the end of it.

Day 6 – 4:00 PM – Rubina Dilaik tried to help Abhinav Shukla by washing his face with water. Gauahar says you are disqualified Abhinav but Hina says give him atleast one chance. Salman was watching the whole drama from stage. Sidharth tells Abhinav to get up and says that you can again take your place. All three seniors tells Abhinav to get up and Abhinav leaves and gets inside the pool.

Day 6 – 4:15 PM – Nikki Tamboli was throwing bottle on Pavitra Punia and Gauahar stops her. Jasmin Bhasin was throwing talcum powder on Pavitra. Rubina screams that she wants a doctor for Abhinav. Sidharth and Hina tried to calm down Rubina but she did not listened to them. Abhinav tells Rubina to stay composed. Shehzad was attacking Sara on the Bulldozer Scooper. Nikki and Eijaz were rubbing something on face of Sara. Sara finally leaves from Bulldozer after which Shehzad Deol sits on Bulldozer. Sara Gurpal enters the pool to clean herself but her eyes were not opening. Sara starts crying and Jasmin tried to help her by putting milk in her eyes.

Day 6 – 4:30 PM – Rahul Vaidya was attacking Shehzad Deol and he finally gets up. Rahul sits on Shehzad’s place. Pavitra was still sitting and Eijaz was shouting at her to get up.

Day 6 – 4:45 PM – Rahul Vaidya finally leaves and Nikki Tamboli takes his place. Contestants tried to ruin Nikki’s makeup but she did not get up. Bigg Boss announces that the Bulldozer Immunity task is over.

Nikki Tamboli and Pavitra Punia wins Bulldozer Immunity Task

Nikki Tamboli and Pavitra Punia wins Immunity for this Week

Salman Khan praised both Nikki Tamboli and Pavitra Punia on their amazing performance in the Bulldozer immunity task.

Day 6 – 5:30 PM – Toofani Seniors praised Nikki on her performance. Rubina tells Abhinav that Eijaz trimmed Pavitra’s hair during the Bulldozer Immunity task.

Day 6 – 5:45 PM – Rubinav Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla and Sara Gurpal had a discussion that Toofani Seniors are unfairly supporting Nikki Tamboli. Nikki sits with Hina and Sidhartth, Nikki was happy that she won the Bulldozer immunity task and says that she doesn’t have any importance for her makeup.

Salman Khan comes on stage on Allah Duhai song. Salman says that we are going to triple the amount of drama. Salman says that today a fresher will get the power after which he/she will become as powerful as a senior. Salman went to see the contestants through TV. Sallu praised that everyone is looking good today. Salman says that we are going to cause complete chaos. Salman had a fun conversation with Jaan Kumar Sanu on how Jaan talks with his father.

Salman Khan congratulated Nikki Tamboli and Pavitra Punia on winning the task. Salman says that among Nikki and Pavitra one contestant will get confirmed. Salman praised Jasmin’s dress and he made a joke with her did she washed her dress? Salman tells Jasmin that she was offered a detergent commercial but later they cancelled it seeing that Jasmin cannot wash the clothes.

Contestants tells Salman that Jaan is expert in washing clothes in this house. Jaan says I have learned all this. Jasmin says to Salman that she is missing her house keeper a lot. Salman asks Pavitra that what she has heard about Eijaz? Pavitra says I have heard he’s very angry and aggressive. Eijaz and Salman had a laugh. Eijaz says that Nikki also told him that she has heard he is very aggressive.

Salman Khan tells contestants a secret that first time in the history of Bigg Boss some live viewers are watching you. Salman shows Nishant, Abhinav and Sara Gurpal’s pics and everyone had a laugh. Salman asks Jasmin what did she understand and Jasmin says that it means these three are not actively involved. Salman calls Jasmin ‘Kalavati.’ Salman calls Jaan Kumar Sanu a Mar karak Fan as he is killiing the time in the house as per Salman.

Salman Khan says that BB Mall is opening for Nikki Tamboli only. Salman makes fun of Nikki in the house and he praised her involvement in the house. Hina praised Nikki Tamboli in front of Salman. Salman asks Pavitra, Did she felt bad when Hina was praising Nikki and Pavitra says no.

Salman Khan tells Nikki Tamboli that she can go to BB Mall for 2 minutes and pick up anything she want except her personal items. Nikki lifts a lot of things but she was also picking her own things but Salman stopped her. Time finally gets over. Salman says that you picked boys items as well and Nikki says she will use them as well.

Salman tells Nikki to place all the items on the centre table. Salman tells Abhinav that he needs to count all the items Nikki brought from the BB Mall. Salman says to Rubina that she can fight her own battles but Abhinav influences her and she is looking weak in the house because of that. Salman says to Rubina ‘Hats off to you’ and he tells Abhinav to let her fight her own battles and Rubina says I agree.

Salman shows a footage in which it was shown when Rubina was taking a stand in the house, Abhinav was asking Bigg Boss for screwdriver. Salman asks Sidharth, Do you think Rubina missed an opportuniy to shine when she was an outcast in the house? Sidharth says absolutely and explained it why. Salman says that very strong bond between Rubina and Abhinav is very clear keep it up. Salman asks Pavitra that who is her friend in this house? Pavitra says no one. Pavitra further says that I want to get cloer with Eijaz, Nikki and Jasmin.

Sidharth Shukla says that all these contestants are going with Pre planned notions and they are trying to be Daan Veer. Gauahar says that they were not trying to even make Pavitra get up from Bulldozer as they were not looking serious for immunity.

Salman shows a footage about Eijaz telling Sidharth that in 2011 he was almost got saved from getting into a big controversy related to a girl whom he helped at first. Sidharth says that nothing wrong will happen here as it is one of the safest place.

Salman Khan talked to Eijaz Khan and tells him if you will go wrong then you will look wrong but if you stay in your limit then its alright. Eijaz says that I got a bit awkward because of the past incident. Salman tells Eijaz to move on and don’t look like that you will get taken for granted. Eijaz tells Salman that he gave up for Jasmin then Jasmin says that don’t try to pick up fight with me.

Salman asked Jasmin why she get so emotional then Jasmin says its better not to bang my head with a wall. Jasmin starts crying saying that Eijaz tried to pick up a fight on very small thing. Argument between Eijaz and Jasmin continues and Jasmin says now you wait and watch. Salman asks Sidharth Shukla what are your views about Jasmin? Sidharth says Jasmin is not coming out of her shell. Jasmin says that there is no point to wrestle with a pig. Salman says so you are calling all of them a pig. Jasmin says it was a phrase. Salman tells Jasmin that everyone back bites behind you.

Salman tells Abhinav that screwdriver is coming for him. Salman says that its time for MPL Caller of the Week. Caller name was Aditya Kumar and he’s from Mumbai. Aditya asks Nishant Singh Malkani a question, Caller says that Nishant was not seen in the whole week. Nishant says that he was settling down this week and it will not happen going forward.

Salman Khan says that now Toofani Serniors will select one fresher among Nikki Tamboli and Pavitra Punia to become a senior and the first confirmed contestant of the season.

Toofani Seniors had a discussion in the garden area. Sidharth Shukla supports Nikki Tamboli to get the power and be confirmed Gauahar also supports Nikki saying that she played smart and she won her immunity twice. Hina says that Pavitra can handle the responsibilty better but everything else goes in favor of Nikki. Hina says lets just give it to Nikki and take a chance to see how she performs in second week.

Toofani Seniors selected Nikki Tamboli

Nikki Tamboli becomes first confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss 14

Salman Khan congratulated Nikki Tamboli and tells her that now she is confirmed and Nikki will join seniors. Salman also says that Nikki will be a part of the decisions Seniors will take from now on. Salman then says bye to everyone and leaves saying that tomorrow one contestant will get eliminated from the show.

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