Anupama: Namaste America Episode 3 Written Updates – Vanraj records Anupama’s audition video

Anupama gave a foot massage to Moti Baa and she was happy because she was getting the opportunity to go to America. Baa tells her that I was the first one in our village who moved to city after taking off veil. She tells her that during our time, women were not allowed to take the name of their husband and she advices her to call Vanraj as Mr Shah. Anupama says I won’t be able to do it. Moti Baa says that its good Vanraj takes care of you because Leela doesn’t care about my Hasmukh as he earns less. Anupama says Leela loves Hasmukh Bapuji a lot. Moti Baa says but respect is also important and I have a fear that Vanraj will not give you respect because he is just like his mother. Moti Baa tells Anupama to fulfil her dreams and Leela was getting jealous seeing their bonding.

Anupama comes in bedroom and Vanraj was sleeping. She sees her passport and says that Passport bhai you have rested for a long time in cupboard but now its time for you to do work and take me to America. Anupama thanked Kanha Ji for giving her a supporting husband like Vanraj. Anupama lies alongside him on bed and she whispers in his ears that she loves him a lot. Vanraj opens his eyes and thinks that I married a housewife not a dancer and if I let you go to America then you won’t come back home from stage, your world is this courtyard only.

Early morning, Anupama went to market to buy vegetables. Everyone clapped for her in the market after knowing that she was going to America.

Anupama comes back home from the market and Vanraj was waiting for her with handycam to record her audition video. She firstly prays to Kanha Ji. Samar says I want to dance as well and then Moti Baa allowed him to dance. Dolly says that you haven’t turned on the recording and Vanraj says its a new camera so I don’t know how to operate it. Vanraj says I brought this camera on rent for ₹ 150 per hour and Leela says this is very costly. Moti Baa taunted her saying he did not sold your jewellery. Samar says I want to go to potty and on Moti Baa’s order Leela took him to the toilet. Finally Anupama started dancing and Vanraj started recording her audition video. During the recording, Ritika sends a message on Vanraj’s phone telling him that she will be waiting for him at her favourite restaurant today. Vanraj says I am done with recording. Moti Baa says but Gotlu its not enough and he says they won’t see full video also I brought it on rent and I have to pay ₹ 300 otherwise.

Anupama asked Vanraj how was the performance but he left without saying anything. She asked Moti Baa and she says it was fantastic. Moti Baa praises her saying if Vanraj had recorded it without turning on recording even then it would have gotten recorded. Anupama says Samar.

Vanraj gets ready to meet Ritika and after getting ready he says see you Ritika. Leela tells Vanraj that whatever is happening is not right and Vanraj says I won’t forward the audition video. Anupama asks Samar and Toshu, what they want her to bring for them from America. Toshu says bring 2 KG America for me and Anupama says its a country. Vanraj thinks Anupama will remain a housewife and her dream will never get fulfilled but my unfulfilled dream has arrived from USA – Ritika.

Anupama forgot to put her audition video cassette in front of Kanha Ji but Vanraj left with the cassette. Moti Baa says that you always remember to put cassette before playing in front of Kanha Ji but you forgot today after seeing your husband. Anupama says he was looking so smart after getting ready and I have fear that someone bad sight might fall on him. Leela in a corner overhears them and says bad sight has fallen otherwise if Vanraj had gotten married with a girl of my choice then she would have been a English women from English medium school.

Ritika was waiting for Vanraj at the restaurant and looking at her watch she says that Vanraj always used to arrive 5 minutes early to meet her, 3,2,1 but Vanraj did not arrived. She says where is he? Vanraj was looking at Ritika from outside from the restaurant’s window.

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