Recap: WWE NXT April 2, 2024 – Results, Highlights, and More

The WWE NXT episode on April 2, 2024, served as the final build-up for NXT Stand And Deliver. It featured numerous women’s matches and intriguing cinematic segments, including one where Ilja Dragunov ventured into the D’Angelo family’s warehouse for a dinner party and some one on one talk.

Roxanne Perez and Lyra Valyra confronted each other on Noam Dar’s Supernova Sessions talk show. Challengers for Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin were decided in a three-way tag team match. Another women’s match was added to NXT Stand And Deliver. The main event featured a final showdown between former best friends Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes before their anticipated clash at NXT Stand and Deliver.

Full Results from WWE NXT April 2, 2024 Episode

1. The Good Brothers (Gallows and Anderson) vs Axiom & Nathan Frazer vs LWO (Cruz del Toro & Joaquin Wilde – Triple Threat Tag Team Match that will decide who heads to Stand And Deliver to fight for the NXT Tag Titles

Result – Axiom and Nathan Frazer wins the match via Pinfall

2. Jacy Jayne (with Jazmyn Nyx, Kiana James, and Izzi Dame at ringside) vs Fallon Henley (with Thea Hail, and Kelani Jordan at ringside) – Singles Match

Result – Jacy Jayne wins via Pinfall

After the match at the gorilla position, Jacy Jayne expressed her regret over her association with Thea Hail, clarifying that they were never friends. Ava Rain intervened, urging Jacy to move on. Meanwhile, Thea, Kelani, and Fallon arrived, with Thea lamenting the cheating that occurred during Fallon’s match against Jacy. Ava Rain then announced a six-woman tag match for NXT Stand And Deliver.

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3. Lexis King vs Von Wagner – Singles Match

Result – Lexis King wins via

4. Lola Vice vs Karmen Petrovic (with Natalya at ringside) – Singles Match

Result – Lola Vice wins via Submission

5. Oba Femi vs Joe Gacy – Singles Match for NXT North American Championship

Result – Ended in a no contest

Before the match officially began, Shawn Spears launched an attack on Joe Gacy at the entrance ramp while Joe was making his way to the ring.

6. Arianna Grace vs Wren Sinclair – Singles Match

Result – Arianna Grace wins via Pinfall

7. Sol Ruca vs Blair Davenport – Singles Match

Result – Sol Ruca wins via Pinfall

Highlights and Written Updates of All Segments from WWE NXT April 2, 2024 Episode

1. In the NXT parking lot, Ilja Dragunov discovers that someone has tampered with the wheels of his car. Shortly after, Tony D’Angelo’s henchman appears, informing Ilja that the Don is waiting for him and doesn’t appreciate being kept waiting. Ilja complies and gets into the car, departing with them.

2. Backstage, Ava Raine informs Carmelo Hayes that she instructed the referee to show leniency during the Stand and Deliver match because a clear winner is necessary.

3. Natalya was encouraging Karmen Petrovic just before her match against Lola Vice when Roxanne approached them. Roxanne expressed to Natalya that she once viewed her as a hero three months ago, but now feels she no longer requires her guidance. Karen advises Natalya to disregard Roxanne’s comments.

4. In the backstage area, Arianna Grace encounters Wren Sinclair and proudly displays the gowns she’s chosen for Gigi Dolin. When Wren expresses admiration for Gigi’s current appearance and questions the notion of conforming to beauty standards in pageants, Arianna becomes offended and departs with her gowns.

5. Ilja Dragunov arrives at the warehouse location for his meeting with Tony D’Angelo, where he finds D’Angelo accompanied by men wielding woodworking tools. As D’Angelo takes his seat at a table in the warehouse, members of the D’Angelo Family join them, and Tony sits down with Ilja Dragunov.

6. Supernova Sessions – Host Noam Dar introduces tonight’s guests, Roxanne Perez and Lyra Valkyria. Roxanne enters the ring first, followed by Lyra, who doesn’t have her arm in a sling. Roxanne asserts her determination to reclaim the title she believes she never lost, while Lyra counters by pointing out Roxanne’s past failures and hypocritical behaviour.

Lyra accuses Roxanne of blaming others for her shortcomings and criticizes her for her inconsistent attitude towards winning titles. Roxanne retaliates, threatening Lyra and claiming that losing the championship only made her more dangerous. The tension escalates as they exchange heated words, with Lyra challenging Roxanne to a fight at Stand and Deliver.

Roxanne asserts her readiness to unleash her pent-up rage on Lyra and emphasizes that there’s no such thing as a perfect champion. The confrontation culminates in Roxanne slapping Lyra, prompting Lyra to retaliate by delivering a Death Valley Driver, putting Roxanne through a table.

7. Dijak asserts his mission to deliver justice with unwavering conviction and bold determination. He declares his return to NXT with a singular purpose: to seize championship glory and establish himself as the dominant force in the brand.

8. In the backstage area, Oba Femi confidently says that he intends to showcase both Josh Briggs and Dijak that exactly why he holds the title of North American Champion before making his way to the ring.

9. In the backstage area, General Manager Ava Raine was shown informing Trick Williams about the conversation she had with Carmelo Hayes earlier tonight.

10. In a backstage encounter, Tatum Paxley expresses her concern to Lyra Valkyria, noting that Lyra’s recent behavior seems out of character. Lyra acknowledges Tatum’s observation but asserts her determination to do whatever is necessary to keep hold of the NXT Women’s Championship.

11. At the D’Angelo Family warehouse, Tony D’Angelo expresses gratitude to Ilja Dragunov for showing up and assures him that he’s dealt with the wheel clamp issue. Dragunov acknowledges D’Angelo’s strategic moves but also recognizes the significance of the warehouse. D’Angelo asserts that the warehouse symbolizes the end of Dragunov’s championship reign, to which Dragunov responds that despite numerous challengers claiming they’ll defeat him, none have succeeded.

D’Angelo emphasizes that he’s not just anyone, prompting Dragunov to remind him of previously calling him unbreakable and asserting his determination to leave as NXT Champion. D’Angelo grabs Dragunov’s hand, suggesting he could have taken him out at any moment but opts to wait until their showdown at Stand and Deliver. He then unveils a covered tray, offering Dragunov a symbolic last supper before their anticipated clash.

12. In the backstage area, Dijak confronts Josh Briggs and questions if he witnessed Dijak’s attack on Joe Gacy. A heated exchange follows as both men assert their ambitions to claim the championship. Oba Femi interjects, asserting his own confidence in retaining the title and dismissing their claims to victory.

13. In the backstage area, Joe Gacy, visibly injured, approaches General Manager Ava Raine at her desk, expressing his desire to face Shawn Spears at Stand and Deliver. Ava grants his request, scheduling their match for the kick-off event.

14. Carmelo Hayes enters the ring flanked by his security guards, followed shortly by Trick Williams. Trick acknowledges the significance of headlining the biggest show of the year but expresses regret that their bond has led them to this point. He reminisces about their journey together, from their humble beginnings to their current conflict. Carmelo acknowledges Trick’s growth but accuses him of betraying their friendship by pursuing his own ambitions at Carmelo’s expense.

The tension escalates as Trick asserts his independence, declaring that he no longer accepts a subordinate role to Carmelo. Carmelo dismisses Trick’s aspirations, asserting his own superiority and longevity in the business. Trick challenges Carmelo’s dominance, accusing him of being motivated by jealousy and fear of losing his position at the top.

Carmelo remains defiant, asserting his indifference to public opinion and confidence in his own abilities. Trick, undeterred, vows to dethrone Carmelo and claim his place as the new top star. The confrontation erupts into a physical altercation, with security struggling to separate them as chaos ensues in the ring. The locker room rushes to intervene, bringing an end to the heated confrontation as the show concludes.

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