Yennefer or Triss – Who is the better romance option for Geralt in Witcher 3 Game? Full Comparison with Details

One of the greatest role playing video game of all time Witcher 3 is widely popular for its variety of romance options but the most beloved ones are Yennefer of Vengerberg and Triss Merigold. The highly acclaimed open world rpg by CD Projekt RED has finally received a next gen patch on all the platforms and because of this, its player base has started increasing rapidly yet again.

Fans who are playing Witcher 3 Complete Edition with all the new visual and gameplay improvements have yet again started wondering about the million dollar question i.e. YEN or TRISS? If you are one of those fans, who also had the same question in mind then don’t worry as we are going to solve this never ending puzzle for you by telling you about which Witcher 3 witch amongst these two hotties is the best romantic option for Geralt of Rivia.

Yennefer vs Triss (Witcher 3) romance options side by side comparison :

Yennefer of Vengerberg is a brunette as she has curly, raven black hair fragrant with lilac and gooseberry perfume. Triss Merigold is a redhead as she has red colour hair in the game.
Yennefer likes to keep her hair open Triss Merigold likes to keep her hair tied.
Yennefer is a mage and she is a expert with sorcery. Triss is also a mage but she is a expert in making potions.
Yennefer slept with Istredd before becoming Geralt’s girlfriend Triss slept with a Witcher named Lambert before becoming Geralt’s love interest.
Yennefer is a possessive kind of girlfriend and she often gets jealous seeing Geralt with other women. In Witcher 3, she also thrown away the bed in the Geralt’s room in Kaer Morhen because she found Triss hair on it and she suspected that Geralt slept with Triss on that bed in her absence. Triss is not possessive and she never gets jealous seeing Geralt getting close with other women.
Yennefer loves making love in bedroom, on stuffed unicorn, and in bathtub Triss loves making love at river shore, in tent, and at lighthouse.
Yennefer treats Ciri like a mother Triss treats Ciri like a best friend
Yennefer helps Geralt by making travel portals for him and by helping him during combat encounters using her magical powers. Triss helps Geralt by making magical potions for him.

Overall Yennefer is a demanding and somewhat a possessive kind of girlfriend but if you managed to keep her happy then she will reward you on the stuffed unicorn and in the bathtub in best possible way. Meanwhile, Triss is a soft spoken girlfriend and she can also fulfill both your physical and romantic desires without demanding anything in return.

Finally its your choice that matters about which lady amongst Yen or Triss you want to pick to romance in Witcher 3 but keep in mind, never think about romancing both these ladies at the same times because otherwise these two hot witches will reward Geralt with the worst threesome ever.

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