Unlock the Gold Rush: How to Avail Your Free Fortnite 950 VBucks – Complete Guide

Want to score some free V-Bucks in Fortnite? Just hop into the game. Epic Games might have sent you 950 VBucks, which is plenty to snag the latest Battle Pass. After the v29.10 update downtime ended, lots of players noticed this cool gift from Epic. But why did they do it? That’s still a mystery.

And it’s not just V-Bucks; you can also unlock some free skins in Fortnite. And don’t worry, they’ll stick around for a few more weeks, so no rush.

So, why did Fortnite decide to dish out free VBucks? Well, the latest update downtime wrapped up around 6 AM Eastern Time. As soon as the servers were back up, players rushed in to check out what’s new. And surprise! Many found themselves with some extra VBucks in their account, courtesy of Epic Games.

But why? Nobody knows for sure. Epic hasn’t given an explanation yet. Some players think it might be Epic’s way of apologizing for the long server downtime during Chapter 5 Season 2’s launch. The servers were down for more than 19 hours, after all.

Others think it could be a refund for past purchases. Either way, those who got the free VBucks can now get the Battle Pass for free. With everyone scratching their heads over these unexpected VBucks, we’re all waiting for Epic Games to spill the beans on why they did it.

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