WWE NXT 19 December 2023 Tapings Spoilers, Match Card, Written Updates, Results, Highlights, Segments, and More

WWE NXT episode for 19 December 2023, has been taped in advance already and we have shared all the spoilers in this article as a big superstar suffered a major injury during this show, also results of multiple men’s breakout tournament first round matches.

This episode of NXT was a wrestling heavy show as 8 matches took place during this two hour long weekly programme and it also includes 3 top quality women’s matches. We have covered the complete tapings of the show here.

WWE NXT 19 December 2023 Full Match Card with Winners Names

1. Fallon Henley vs Tiffany Stratton – Singles Match

Winner – Fallon Henley wins via Pinfall

Post match – Tiffany Stratton attacked Fallon Henley and they brawled to the backstage area, where Tiffany poured out a trash can on Henley.

2. Lexis King vs Dion Lennox – Men’s Breakout Tournament first round match

Winner – Lexis King wins via Pinfall

Post Match – Trey Bearhill came out looking to get his hands on Lexis King, but Lexis manages to escape.

3. Jacy Jane and Thea Hail vs Izzi Dame and Kiana James- Tag Team Match

Winner – Izzi Dame and Kiana James wins via Pinfall

Riley Osborne was watching this match from the crowd.

4. Dragon Lee vs Charlie Dempsey vs Joe Coffey – Triple threat match for NXT North American Championship

Winner – Dragon Lee wins via Pinfall

Post Match – The No Quarter Catch Crew attacked Dragon Lee but Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro came to Lee’s rescue.

5. Tavion Heights vs Luca Crusifino – Men’s Breakout Tournament first round match

Winner – Tavion Heights wins via Pinfall

6. Nikkita Lyons vs Tatum Paxley – Singles Match

Winner – Nikkita Lyons wins via Pinfall

7. Tank Ledger & Hank Walker vs Wolfgang & Mark Coffey – Tag Team Match

Winner – Wolfgang & Mark Coffey wins via Pinfall

8. Ilja Draguunov vs Ridge Holland – Singles Match

Winner – Ended in a no contest

Ridge Holland had Ilja Dragunov in a front face lock and he lifted him up, then dropped Dragunov on his head. Dragunov was put in a neck brace and was stretchered out of the arena, with Holland showing concern.

WWE NXT 19 December 2023 All Segments Highlights

  • Ilja Dragunov came to the ring to cut a promo on what he has accomplished in year 2023 and what are his plans for 2024. Ridge Holland interrupted him and then told Dragunov that he was not looking for a match now, but wants to win some matches in order to get a future shot at Dragunov. In response, Dragunov said they did not have to wait for too long and can have match tonight.
  • Roxanne Perez was sharing her thoughts on the previous tag team match and when Arianna Grace responded to Perez’s comments, Perez ended up slapping Grace.
  • A segment between Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes was shown in the locker room.
  • Backstage – Cora Jade took back her locker, which now belongs to Karmen Petrovic. Cora ended up throwing all the belongings of Petrovic’s locker out. Petrovic then came into the locker room and asked what happened, with Gigi Dolin informing her that Cora did it.

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