Will future Call of Duty (COD) Games become XBOX Exclusive and When will they get added to Game Pass? – Full Details

Microsoft just took the entire gaming world by storm this Tuesday on 18 January 2022 by announcing their biggest acquisition till date Activision Blizzard. The biggest tech giant in the world has bought the well renowned gaming publisher for a whooping prize of around $70 Billion. Seems like Microsoft is on a roll now a days as last year in March 2021 they bagged ZeniMax Media which includes Bethesda Games Studios, Arkane Games, ID Software and more at a cost of around $7.5 Billion. But man oh man this Activision Blizzard deal is even ten times bigger. But what does this deal mean for both XBOX and Playstation gamers overall we will tell you in this article further.

First of all lets answer the question which is coming in everybody’s mind after the announcement of this acquisition, “Will future Call of Duty Games come to Playstation Consoles or not? Well per what we have gathered from the previous Microsoft acquisition the simple answer is No. Microsoft seems to be spending around $70 Billion for this acquisition and they would not want their games on any other platform out of the Microsoft ecosystem (XBOX Consoles, PC, Mobile Cloud Gaming) after spending such insane amount of money..

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Now talking about the second biggest question about this Microsoft acquisition of Activision and Blizzard, “Will previously released Call of Duty Games still get support on Playstation Consoles” The answer to this question is YES for sure. Phil Spencer made it quite clear during the ZeniMax acquisition that they will keep supporting the legacy games on other platforms and we are expecting Microsoft to apply the same rule here.

Now one final things about which everything is curious after this Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard, “When will Call of Duty Games get added to Game Pass” To clear things out it has been reported that this acquisition will get completed by mid 2023 so we can definitely expect an announcement of all the previous Activision and Blizzard games getting added to game pass by E3 2023.

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