Top 5 Most Romantic Lesbian Videos Games Couples of all time – Full List with Pics & Details

Romantic relationships have also become a essential part of video games now a days especially when it comes to RPG’s and Story based titles. In the recent past we have seen some very intense pairings in video games and some of them were even Lesbian couples. In this article further we will discuss about some of the hottest lesbian couples which are being featured in video games throughout the last few decades.

Some of the games which we have included in this list are from the same franchise but we have no other option as these are some of the most beautiful and romantic lesbian couple stories in video games we have ever seen.

1. Max Caulfield and Chloe Price – Life is Strange Season 1 :

The 2015 episodic adventure game is quite popular because of a lot of factors and especially its time travelling mechanic but the one thing which stood out the most is the epic romantic bond between the lead protagonist Max Caulfield and her badass naughty friend Chloe Price. In this game both of them are featured as the students of Blackwell Academy which is located a Arcadia Bay and throughout the 5 episodes of the game you will see their relationship getting stronger and stronger. At the end, the game will give you a choice to choose between the entire town or your love Chloe Price and you might not believe us but it becomes extremely difficult to make the choice to save Arcadia Bay instead of Chloe as sacrificing her  will surely break you emotionally.

A beautiful romantic picture of Max Caulfield and Chloe Price from Life is Strange Season 1

2. Kassandra and Daphnae – Assassins Creed Odyssey :

In Assassins Creed Odyssey, the main protagonist of the game Kassandra comes across Daphnae at Temple of Artemis in Phokis. Daphnae introduces herself as the leader of the Daughters of Artemis and then she gives Kassandra a task to prove her worth by killing the Kalydonian Boar nearby. After Kassandra successfully hunts down the beast, an impressed Daphnae gives Kassandra the task to hunt the rest of the legendary creatures, telling her to bring their pelts to her as proof.

During this entire questline you will get opportunity to flirt with Daphnae as Kassandra and as you bring more pelts for her by hunting down the beasts, the relationship between the duo gets stronger as they begin by kissing each other and then ended up making out near the Temple of Artemis in Phokis.  The voice of Daphnae is so seductive in this game and her chemistry with Kassandra looks just top notch as you might replay this game again just to play this entire quest one more time.

Although this quest line doesn’t end well for the couple as in the end of it, Daphnae reveals that by successfully slaying down all the beasts, Kassandra had established herself as a challenger for the position of the leader of the Daughters. The challenger Kassandra and the acting leader Daphnae were then to fight to the death in order to decide the leader of the Daughters of Artemis.

A beautiful romantic picture of Kassandra and Daphnae from Assassins Creed Odyssey

3. Female Shepard and Miranda Lawson – Mass Effect 2 :

The high-ranking operative of the pro-human organization Cerberus named Miranda Lawson was the second in command of Shepard on Normandy throughout Mass Effect 2. During the whole playthrough of Mass Effect 2, players will have several dialogue encounters with Miranda and most of them takes place in Miranda’s cabin. You will get a lot of opportunities to grow your overall relation with her.

If you relation with Miranda reaches its peak then right before the final mission of the game Miranda confronts Female Shepard and informs her that she has cleared the engine room which is a indirect invite for a make out session before the final mission. If you accept her invitation then you will see a very hot and intense scene between the duo inside the engine room of the Normandy.

A very hot picture of Female Shepard getting romantic with Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC

4. Chloe Price and Rachel Amber – Life is Strange: Before the Storm :

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a prequel to Life is Strange Season 1 and it was released back in 2017. During this game lead protagonist Chloe Price gets into a intense romantic relationship with her fellow Blackwell Academy student Rachel Amber. Rachel helps Chloe in finding out about her actual sexual preference during this game and the duo gets so close with each other as you will get to see them kissing and flirting with each other throughout the game.

But unfortunately at the end of this game the duo gets separated and if you have played LIS Season 1 then you might be very well aware about what happened with Rachel Amber after the events of LIS: Before the Storm.

A beautiful picture of Rachel Amber and Chloe Price from Life is Strange: Before the Storm

5. Female Elvor and Randvi – Assassins Creed Valhalla :

During the middle of Assassins Creed Valhalla, players get to play a quest named ‘Taken For Granted’ and this quest kicks off as wife of Sigurd ‘Randvi’ tells Elvor that she is feeling somewhat trapped in her room and her life after which Elvor offers her to take her to Grantebridge. Throughout this questline Randvi and Elvor gets close to each other as the quest ends up at the top of the Sunken tower and there Randvi thanked Evlor by giving her a kiss on her lips after which she finally accepts her feelings for Elvor. If you answer her by saying that you feel the same about her then the duo makes out at the top of Sunken tower.

After this questline Randvi becomes the lesbian girlfriend of Elvor and Elvor can kiss her or invite her to bed whenever she likes to throughout the game. Although this relationship appears as cheating to an extent because Randvi gets into a relationship with Elvor knowing that she is still Sigurd’s wife but as they say everything is fair in love. So there you go.

Picture of Randvi getting romantic with female Elvor in Assassins Creed Valhalla

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