Ullu Web Series Woodpecker Episode 8 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Rini, Nandini, Shagun and Shanaya started enjoying the party as they drink and danced with a male stripper present there. Shanaya receives a few messages of Bank transactions on her phone and she gets tensed after which she sits in her car and left the party.

Ajay Singhania in his office was making love with Myra. He takes off her blazer then Mya opens her shirt buttons. Ajay puts her on table and starts kissing her. After this Ajay removes her shirt and kisses all over her body from front and back. Shanaya came there and she saw them making love. Ajay tells her to join them. Shanaya says bitch where is my laptop. Ajay says that laptop. Shanaya says what have you done with my laptop and where is my money. Ajay laughs and says your money, what’s you level miss Shanaya, what did you thought what are you doing I will never find out. I am in this corporate world from last 20 years. Do you know what problem Malhar has with me. Malhar knows my reputation very well but luckily you did not knew. Ajay further says you brought license for me and did a small fraud with me and onto that I did a fraud on you by transferring the money from your dummy account to somewhere else and now police will interrogate you thank you Shanaya and all thanks to you baby. Shanaya says you know what you are making a big mistake. Myra says are you naive or dumb. Shanaya says I will show you, you bitch and was about to slap Myra but Ajay grabs her hand from behind and says not today baby not today. Ajay slapped Shanaya hard and she fell down after which he left the office with Myra in his arms.

Next morning Shanaya was lying unconscious in Ajay Singhania’s office and Inspector tells her to wake up. They say that Ajay has registered an FIR against you for doing fraud against Woodpecker Airlines. Shanaya made a request and says let me bring something from my cabin. Inspector allows it. Shanaya takes a pendrive from her cabin’s drawer. Flashback shown in which Shanaya came to her cabin and she puts one pendrive in her drawer and takes out other. Back to present, Shanaya looks at pendrive and smiles.

Rini was saleeping in her bedroom with Shagun. Rini wakes up and turns on the TV and she gets shocked seeing the news that Shanaya got arrested. Rini tells Shagun to wake up and even Shagun gets shocked seeing that news.

Police was taking Shanaya to the police station in the police van. Shanaya takes out the pendrive from her purse and looks at it then she takes out her phone and makes a call to Rini. Rini picks up the phone and Shanaya tells her to come to police station as I need to talk about something important to you. Rini says okay I am coming.

Rini reaches police station with Shagun and she tells Shanaya that I will talk to Pandey ji and he will get you out of jail. Shanaya says there is no need of that just give this pendrive to Abhinav from People news channel. Rini asks whats in it. Shanaya says Ajay Singhania’s barbaadi as it has a footage which after seeing Malhar Soni will destroy Ajay Singhania. Shanaya says Hum toh Dubege Sanam Tumhe bhi Saath Le Dubege. Shagun stares at Shanaya.

On the way back in the middle of the road Shagun tells Rini to drop her there as she has a shift in one hour. Rini drops her. Shagun has stolen the pendrive from Rini after which she sees the Footage and says miss Shanaya this time I will hit the jackpot. Shagun calls Malhar Soni and asks for Rs 5 crore saying she has the pendrive.

Ajay Singhania was on the airport with Myra and she says I want to go to washroom. Ajay says comes soon as boarding is about to start. Malhar Soni calls him on phone and says you are leaving country so I thought to say to bye for the last time. Malhar tells him something and Ajay says Myra. Malhar says Myra can do anything for money so you should have worked in a bit clever way. Malhar further tells him that I have got all your accounts seized. Ajay says I still have that pendrive then Malhar says thats why I am letting you leave the country as Police is searching your office. You will find everything soon so see you again mr Ajay wish you a safe and happy journey now you will not be able to run far. Ajay says right now I am leaving but I will be back soon.

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