Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 8 April 2021 Written – Prithvi deletes CCTV Footage

Preeta at the hotel asks waiter regarding the location of CCTV room. Waiter says he won’t tell her and she can ask about it to hotel’s manager. Kritika comes there and says to Waiter that she joined today only as hotel incharge and asks him about CCTV room of hotel saying she want to check something. Waiter guides her to CCTV room of hotel. Preeta follows them. Prithvi gets disguised as a woman and comes out of the room and asks Sherlyn that how he is looking. He says no one will identify him and asks what she will wear. She says she will wait for him in the corridor only and tells him to focus on his work. She asks does he remember what he has to do. He says to Sherlyn that he remember that he has to delete the CCTV footage of last 3 days.

Hotel manager Manish tells Police that he already checked the CCTV footage but found nothing suspicious and takes them to CCTV room of hotel. Waiter suspects Kritika and Preeta and thinks he has to inform about them to Manager. Prithvi enters the CCTV room. Hotel staff says she is not allowed to enter there and tells her to go out otherwise he has to call the Manager. Prithvi tries to give bribe to him. Sherlyn thinks she doesn’t want Police to find any evidence against Prithvi that’s why she accompanied him to help and she already found one evidence which can prove that Prithvi is Akshay’s murderer. Preeta notices CCTV footage room and informs about it to Kritika saying seems like Waiter suspects them.

Prithvi asks Hotel staff to delete the CCTV footage of last 3 days. Hotel staff press the alarm button and locks the door saying now Police will deal with Prithvi. Police and Manish runs towards CCTV footage room. Preeta comes there and asks Hotel staff about alarm sound. Hotel staff goes to bring the Police. Prithvi deletes the footage and escapes from there. Preeta learns that already someone deleted the footage. Hotel staff tells everything to Police. Waiter tells Police about Preeta and Kritika. Preeta says to Kritika that someone already deleted the CCTV footage. Kritika sees Sherlyn in the hotel and informs about it to Preeta.

Preeta asks Kritika to not tell the truth to anyone. She says she doesn’t even know whether she is responsible for Akshay’s murder or not and says she definitely doesn’t want Kritika to face any problem. Kritika says it was Akshay who misbehaved with Preeta so Preeta hit him in self defense. Preeta says no one should know that Kritika is involved in Akshay’s murder case. Preeta says if Sherlyn is in the hotel then she has some connection in Akshay’s murder case.

Sherlyn says to Prithvi that she saw Kritika in the hotel. One Hotel staff tells Vijay that two people came to meet Akshay. Vijay shows two pictures to him and asks who came to meet Akshay. Hotel staff points at one picture saying he saw that person. Vijay says he also suspected this person only. Preeta and Kritika searches Sherlyn in the house and finds her in the kitchen.

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