Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 10 March 2021 Written – Srishti & Sameer finds about Prithvi’s Past

Preeta tells Kareena about how she convinced both Karan and Rishabh to take part in Kritika’s wedding celebrations after which even Suresh and Pammi supported Preeta in front of Kareena. Rakhi tells Kareena that no one can play divide and rule game between them as Preeta only thinks about the happiness of Luthra family. Kareena thinks that she cannot trust Preeta as Preeta doesn’t like Prithvi.

Srishti puts shaving foam on Sameer’s face and guard comes inside the bedroom. Sameer confronts guards as Prithvi but the security guard gets suspicious about him when he asked Sameer about the ring. Security guard went downstairs and he tried to call Prithvi to alert hiim. Prithvi was about to pick the call but someone pushes him and his phone felt down after which one of Prithvi’s college friend Shubham pushes phone further away. Kritika picks up the phone.

Shubham questions Prithvi about his relationship with Sherlyn and he even tried to infrom Kritika about it but Prithvi manages to dodge the situation. Prithvi takes Shubham away and he punched Shubham after which Shubham warns him that he will take revenge soon. At Prithvi’s house Srishti and Sameer opens a drawer and they found proofs regarding Prithvi’s past after which they decided that they will show it to Kareena. At Luthra Mansion Preeta called Karan on stage after both did a romaantic dance seeing with both Mahira and Prithvi got jealous. After the dance Prithvi pushed Mahira towards Karan and Preeta gets shocked seeing them together.

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