Checkout Deepika Padukone Hot Pics & Images from Pathaan 2023 Film with Full Details

PAN India film Pathaan starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone has received a lot of hype on the social media with its controversial songs and bold scenes featuring both the lead actors but many people are loving the display of hotness in this film by the female lead. Deepika has caught everyone’s attention with her bold avatar’s in Pathaan and if you want to see more hot pics, and images of this sexy female spy then we won’t leave you disappointed.

Deepika Padukone’s role in Pathaan has been inspired from some popular Hollywood female spy thrillers like Atomic Blonde and Black Widow. She will be seen wearing many hot outfits throughout this film along with different hairstyles. Although in India, many people are opposing such bizarre display of boldness in Pathaan by calling it vulgarity but at the same time many male fans are loving it.

Pathaan 2023 Film Deepika Padukone Sexy Photos and Stills :

Checkout the complete collection of Deepika Padukone’s sexy photos and stills from Pathaan 2023 film in which you will see her displaying her hot body wearing different bold outfits like Bikini, Lingerie, Formal Suits etc.

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