Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 3 April 2021 Written – Jeet attacks Soumya again

Parmeet asks Heer what’s she doing here and Heer says she doesn’t knew it was their house. Sant Baksh asks Virat what the hell is this? Virat replies I don’t know this girl and have nothing to do with her. Heer says yes Papa Ji he’s right I don’t know him. Parmeet says Who Papa Ji, you came here as a servant so behave like one. Heer says I will leave tomorrow morning and Virat says you have signed a contract so you need to stay here. Parmeet takes a promise from Virat telling him that she will get him married again and Virat gives Parmeet promise. Heer gets shocked. Parmeet says this time I will find a wife for you who is a complete woman not a Kinner. Heer calls Virat by his name but Virat tells Heer to call him sir and Heer says sorry sir.

At Singh’s house, late at night while everyone else was sleeping Jeet comes out of his room and he puts a silencer on a gun. Jeet starts searching for Soumya in every room and he says is this a house or a village as so many people live here. Jeet finally manages to find Soumya as she was sleeping on her bed in her room and he points gun at her to shoot her from the bedroom window. Wind starts blowing and Soumya wakes up as she saw Heer in her dream at the same time Jeet pulls the trigger but Jeet missed his shot again and Soumya gets shocked knowing she got attacked for the second time. Jeet thinks she got safe from his bullet not one but two times.

Soumya starts shouting who’s there? Jeet drops the gun in her room and he hides behind a pillar. Soumya wraps the gun in a cloth and she puts it in the cupboard. Soumya calls everyone in the hall then she went to see Jeet. Jeet was in his bedroom lying on the bed. When Soumya went away, Jeet says that he made a big mistake by dropping the gun.

Soumya tells Preeto that she got attacked for second time. Preeto asks second time means then she says that first time she got attacked at police station but Jeet met an accident so she forget to tell them. Harak Singh says that its quite surprising Soumya has just arrived and someone became her enemy. Soumya says I don’t know Papa Ji who’s this. Soumya further adds I have secured the gun maybe we will find some proof. Harak tells Rohan to call the police. Jeet comes out of the bedroom and says what happened, don’t you guys sleep? Is there any problem? Soumya says why you came out, don’t hurt your feet too much and everything is alright. Rohan says Soumya Mami got attacked that too inside the house. Jeet says I can’t rest as you got attacked two times today. Jeet asks who did this? Rohan says Mami there is only one main door to this house and its clearly shut. Soumya says who is this person who wants me to die.


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