MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 16 Recap: What Happened on May 19, 2024? Full Written Updates

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 16 aired on May 19, 2024, and it was filled with drama, emotions, and unexpected twists. As we saw in the previous episode, Harsh Arora went to the Love Den, leaving Rushali Yadav concerned. Here’s a full recap of what happened in this exciting episode of MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 16.

The episode began with all the contestants arriving at the Dome, where they were greeted by Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani. Sunny inquired about Harsh’s whereabouts, and Rushali revealed that Harsh had gone to the Love Den alone, expressing her worry about what might happen there.

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 16 complete recap - Bonds and Betrayals

Inside the Love Den, Harsh was shocked to see his ex-girlfriend, Shubhi Joshi. Harsh informed Shubhi that he and Rushali, who were an ideal match, shared the den. Shubhi was surprised to learn about Harsh’s relationship with Rushali, as Rushali was her first friend in Mumbai. Harsh felt guilty for hurting Shubhi, while Shubhi was saddened to know that Harsh was with her best friend.

Meanwhile, Rushali, in tears, informed Tanuj and Sunny that Harsh had proposed to her in the Love Den. She was worried about Harsh, as previous contestants had left their connections for a third person.

In the Love Den, Shubhi revealed to Harsh that Rushali still had feelings for her ex-boyfriend. Harsh was shocked by this revelation and asked Shubhi if she wanted him to break up with Rushali and marry her instead. Harsh mentioned how close he and Rushali had become, making Shubhi feel even worse.

Back at the Dome, Sunny Leone announced that the ideal matches, along with Addy and Kashish, had the power to save two contestants each. Lakshay made a pitch for himself, even stating he could dump Anicka as he had made no promises to her. This led to an argument between Lakshay and Anicka. Digvijay supported Lakshay, which caused Akriti to argue with him for interfering in Anicka’s matter.

The couples saved the following contestants:

  1. Rushali saved Shobhika and Arbaz Patel.
  2. Akriti and Jashwanth saved Dev Karan and Khanak.
  3. Addy and Kashish saved Siwet Tomar and Adit Minocha.

Unnati received a power from Sunny and Tanuj to save one person to go to the Oracle with, and she chose Digvijay.

Sunny Leone then announced that the OG ideal matches, along with Addy & Kashish and Unnati & Digvijay, had to write two names of the contestants they wanted to dump. The unsafe Splitsvillains had to vote for a couple between “Addy & Kashish and Unnati & Digvijay” to face the Oracle.

Akriti and Jashwanth tried to manipulate the Splitsvillains, but Sunny gave them a befitting reply. Addy and Digvijay argued over Digvijay’s interfering habit.

Yuvraj decided to open the mischief box.

The four couples revealed the names they wanted to dump:

  1. Rushali wrote Divyansh and Dewangini.
  2. Jashwanth and Akriti wrote Lakshay and Ruru.
  3. Addy and Kashish wrote Lakshay and Ruru.
  4. Digvijay and Unnati wrote Divyansh and Dewangini.

Ruru argued with Addy, who had promised not to dump her but flipped. Dewangini and Divyansh felt betrayed by Digvijay’s vote to dump them. Divyansh revealed they had voted for Digvijay and Unnati to go in front of the Oracle, causing a heated argument.

Digvijay and Unnati received the majority of votes and went to the Oracle. According to the Oracle, Digvijay and Unnati were an ideal match, becoming the third ideal couple of MTV Splitsvilla 15.

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 16 Digvijay and Unnati facing the Oracle

Divyansh and Dewangini were dumped and eliminated from MTV Splitsvilla 15.

Before leaving, Sunny asked the Oracle if Divyansh and Dewangini were an ideal match, and the Oracle confirmed they were.

Tanuj Virwani opened the mischief box, revealing that the ideal matches were no longer immune and had to test their bond by performing in challenges.

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