Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 23 March 2021 Written – Angel shoots Heer and Soumya is back

Angel tells Heer that you have a lot of desire to become a woman now you will die a painful death after which a Kinnar (Trans) will never think about becoming a woman again. As Angel was about to shoot Heer, Virat grabs gun from her but one of her goons stabs a knife on his back after which Angel shoots him and Virat fell down from the mountain in water. Heer thinks about all her cute moments with Virat as she was in deep shock. Heer grabs Angel by the throat and she continuously starts slapping her but Angel pushes her on a rock after which Heer fell down and starts bleeding. Angel makes a video of Heer saying that Heer wanted to change her existence by doing operation now its an example for all the Kinnar (Trans) after which she shoots Heer.

While Heer was falling down in the water she starts thinking about her childhood moments with her mother Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) and she shouts Gulabo. A glimpse of Soumya was shown looking at her family picture with Heer and Preeto. Back at Preeto’s house everyone was tensed after which DSP Sant Baksh and Parmeet entered and they started blaming Preeto as according to them Virat got into trouble because of Heer.

Parmeet shows Preeto the video of Angel shooting both Virat and Heer seeing which everyone gets into a deep state of shock. Preeto cries and tells Harak Singh to bring Heer back after which Parmeet thinks about the curse given by the Kinnar and says that we got the curse of a Kinnar so it would have happened. Parmeet blames Heer for the death of Virat and starts saying bad about her. Mahi shouts at them and says that she lost her daughter so shut up. Sant Baksh says that if Heer comes back then forget about his house, he will not let her live in this society. Sant Baksh further says that if he finds that Kinnar then he will throw her back in the trans society.

Harak Singh warns Sant Baksh to not to speak a single more word against Heer as he remained quiet till now because he’s the grandfather of Heer and from the daughter’s side but now if you said anything against my granddaughter then I will forget that you are the father of Virat. He says my name is Harak Singh, Go and ask anyone in Gurdaspur who is Harak Singh? Harak Singh further says that Virat breathes just because of his granddaughter as you begged coming at my house that my son is dying and now are talking rubbish shame on you.

Daljeet says to talk respectfully to my dad. Rohan says only those people gets respect who deserves it. Daljeet says that you’re the son-in-law of our family to which Rohan says firstly I’m the son of this family and my relation with your sister is just because of Heer and if Heer’s not here then I don’t care about relation with your family. Daljeet says ok then let your sister come back I will kill her with my hands. Rohan grabs Daljeet by his shirt’s collar after which their families separated them. Sant Baksh says, Harak Singh till now we were quiet because of our relation and Virat but now you will regret why that Kinnar was born in your family after which Sant Bakshi along with Parmeet and Daljeet left.

Seeing Sant Baksh and his family leaving one Kinnar lady called Angel telling her that their plan worked as both the families got divided. Preeto prays in front of Goddess and asks her why this is happening, why her daughter gets away from her, why her existence becomes her enemy, why it seems that I am finished, what should I do? Preeto takes the name of Soumya and then a glimpse of Soumya wearing ring, earrings, anklet, bangles and bindi was shown. Preeto says if Soumya was here then she would have supported me, she would have found a way, why I told her to leave, if she was here then she would’ve done something and episode ended showing Soumya’s eyes.

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