Karan and Mahira’s Wedding Delayed – Kundali Bhagya 6 August 2020 Episode Written

Srishti and Sameer together plans to remove Mahira from Karan and Preeta’s life as they will not confess their feelings to each other. Srishti tells Sameer that she has broken a lot of legs in the past but now they both will break this marriage joining hands together, Sameer however gets scared and runs away which results in Srishti getting angry. Sameer in his mind thinks that even if this plan does not work then he would be thrown out of the house. Sherlyn says that Preeta has come to attend the marriage of her husband and is the witness when he will become the husband of some other girl, she further says that those who were the witness to her marriage will karan will have a lot of questions when they hear that Karan has married Mahira and then it will result in a lot of questions which her grandmother might not be able to bear as she has gotten old, Sherlyn says that even though she is hurt but she is really happy that Preeta is in pain but is not able to realize what she will do now as karan is about to marry someone else, Sherlyn tries to threaten Preeta by saying that she must attend the wedding as otherwise it would create a lot of problems, Sherlyn asks her to come with her then tries pulling her but Preeta gets frustrated and starts crying.

Karan was sitting in the Mandap with Mahira and the wedding was proceeding when he asks about Preeta saying that she should come otherwise the wedding would not happen, Kareena gets shocked while Dadi asks him to focus on his wedding and forget about Preeta but he insists that she has to be present at his wedding, Dadi orders Kareena and she says that she has sent Sherlyn to bring Preeta.

Sameer comes running when Kartika says that Preeta should not have come to the wedding as she would only get hurt and would be scolded which is not good but then Sameer says that she should not have brought her sister as she is a pain, he sees her just as they both are talking he immediately tries to hide from her and goes in the Mandap, Srishti thinks that she must think of some other way to call him because it might be problematic if she calls him while everyone is present, she tries to signal him however he was hiding and pays no heed to her.

Sherlyn and Preeta come to the Mandap when Karan starts smiling in an attempt to show how happy he is with the marriage, Preeta wipes out her tears then starts walking towards the Mandap, Srishti thinks that she knows what her sister is thinking and she should stop the wedding and claims that Karan is her husband so she should stop it, Sherlyn wonders if she is the reason Preeta is going there because she might have said a lot to her which is the reason she is going to the Mandap.

Sarla was standing by the door when Janki comes asking if there is something that is hurting her, Sarla mentions that she has gone to the Luthra house where everyone except one or two people are always there to hurt her but she has also gone there, Janki mentions that there is nothing to worry about but Sarla says that she knows her daughter Preeta cares for Karan even if she says otherwise, she saw how Preeta was when she was about to marry Prithvi but her smile when it was Karan. Sarla further says that she does not know what kind of relation exists between them both, Preeta considers karan to be her best friend and that is why she is in pain when he is about to marry Mahira but she also knows that her daughter also has a lot of self-control however she is worried that her limit might not surpass resultantly she take a step which they all might have not even thought off.

Preeta steps on the Mandap, Karan thinks that Preeta might have something to say, she however says that it was difficult to see everything from far behind so she thought that she be witness from sitting near him, Karan also requests the pandit to recite the Mantar louder and louder. Rishabh was also not able to understand what is happening as he knows Preeta is hurt from the inside, but why is she pretending to be happy. The Pandit asks Rakhi to tie the knot but she has forgot he cloth and so asks Sameer to go and get it from Kareena’s room, Srishti also follows him.

The pandit mentions that they would have to stop the wedding, Karan immediately says that they should stop it but then confirms it that only for a small period of time, Preeta also leaves the Mandap, Karan was about to leave but Dadi stops him, Mahira goes with Sherlyn to correct her jewellery. Rishabh was about leave when Sanjana takes him to sit with them all, she starts saying how wonderful he is and they could never find a better person then him, Ramona also requests him to teach Karan some of the manners, he says that the qualities which karan has he could never possess, They do not understand he then explains that Karan has the ability to listen to his heart which he never had otherwise he would not have married Sherlyn.

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