Bigg Boss 16 Expected Wild Card Contestants List with Names – Who will Enter as wild card – Full Info

Almost a month has already been passed since the start of Bigg Boss 16 and now fans have started wondering about who is going to enter this season of Salman Khan show as wild card. It is very likely that we might see some big wild card names entering the BB16 show soon in the middle of the season but the rumour mills have already started getting very hot and we will tell you in this article about the possible wild cards names in BB16.

Although its a known fact that till date no Bigg Boss wild card contestant has never won the trophy as a few like Rishabh Sinha and Imam Siddiqui came almost close to winning it but even both these former participants ended up as runner-ups in their respective seasons. Now it will be very interesting to see that whether BB16 makers will put some wild cards inside the house who can compete against the likes of Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Shiv Thakare or not.

How many wild cards will enter Bigg Boss 16 :

As per our information, there are going to be around 7 – 8 wild card contestant that will enter Bigg Boss 16 throughout the season.

Will ex-contestants like Vikas Gupta and Rakhi Sawant enter Bigg Boss 16 as Wild Cards?

As per our information, Bigg Boss 16 makers have no plans to make ex-contestants like Vikas Gupta and Rakhi Sawant enter as wild cards.

When will wild card contestants start entering Bigg Boss 16?

As per our information, Wild Card contestants will start entering Bigg Boss 16 in the beginning of 6th or 7th week at the earliest.

Who are the Possible Wild Card Contestants that will enter Bigg Boss 16?

According to our information, these are the possible 8 wild card participants that will enter Bigg Boss 16 in the coming weeks :

  1. Baseer Ali
  2. Kevin Almasifar
  3. Aarushi Dutta
  4. Munawar Faruqui
  5. Azma Fallah
  6. Shivam Sharma
  7. Joginder Yadav (Thara Bhai Joginder)
  8. Fahmaan Khan

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