Recap: WWE NXT April 16, 2024 – Results, Highlights, and More

Step into the electrifying world of WWE NXT with a comprehensive recap of the April 16, 2024 episode. From exhilarating in-ring battles to gripping backstage encounters, immerse yourself in the latest installment of NXT’s thrilling saga.

Join us as we delve into the results, highlights, and pivotal moments that defined this action-packed episode, showcasing the raw passion and unbridled intensity that is synonymous with NXT’s brand of sports entertainment.

Full Results from WWE NXT April 16, 2024 Episode

Here are the results for all matches on WWE NXT, April 16, 2024, including the names of the winners :

1. “Supernova 11” Noam Dar defeated Dijak in a singles match via Pinfall

2. Lola Vice defeated Sol Ruca in a singles match via Pinfall

Following the match, Natalya appears on the TitanTron, issuing a challenge to Lola Vice. She declares that in two weeks, they will face off in NXT Underground, Natalya’s domain, to settle their score after Lola’s interference cost her a championship opportunity.

3. Ilja Dragunov defeated Je’Von Evans in a singles match via Pinfall

4. Tatum Paxley defeated Thea Hail in a singles match via Pinfall

Following the match, Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne engage in a heated altercation, requiring intervention to separate them. Meanwhile, the scene escalates as Lyra Valkyria makes a sudden appearance and targets Tatum Paxley, initiating an unexpected attack in the ring.

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5. AOP defeated Malik Blade and Edris Enofe in a tag team match via Pinfall

6. Ivar defeated Josh Briggs in a singles match via Pinfall

7. Trick Williams defeated Carmelo Hayes in the main event in a steel cage match via Pinfall

Highlights and Written Updates of All Segments from WWE NXT April 16, 2024 Episode

1. A vignette featuring Tatum Paxley airs, where she discusses the challenges she faced growing up and the desire to become NXT Women’s Champion. Tatum reflects on her past, mentioning her admiration for Lyra Valkyria and her disappointment when Lyra lost the title. She now sees Roxanne Perez as her main obstacle in achieving her goal.

2. Yesterday on NXT Anonymous, there’s a footage where Ridge Holland has a conversation with General Manager Ava. Suddenly, Joaquin Wilde interrupts and confronts Ridge. Ridge responds by briefly pinning Wilde against the wall before Ava intervenes and tells Ridge to stop.

3. Arianna Grace and Gigi Dolin go dress shopping together. While Gigi prefers the safety of basic black, Adrianna Grace leans towards colourful options, joking that soon Gigi will be matching her vibrant style.

4. Backstage: The doctor advises Josh Briggs to take it easy due to his rib injury. Ivar arrives and suggests Briggs wait for him to become champion so he can have the first shot. However, Briggs is eager and proposes a match against Ivar to determine who faces Oba Femi first later tonight.

5. Backstage: Andre Chase approaches Thea Hail, and they discuss the recent revelations made by Jacy Jayne. Chase expresses his decision to take a chance when he believed in Thea’s ability to defeat Tiffany Stratton. However, witnessing Thea’s struggles, he admits his primary concern was her well-being. Chase reassures Thea that his support for her remains unwavering, and Thea apologizes for doubting him.

6. The D’Angelo Family, led by Tony D’Angelo, reflects on recent setbacks. Charlie Dempsey of the No Quarter Catch Crew interrupts, sparking a confrontation over past debts and the Heritage Cup. Tensions escalate, resulting in a brawl between the two groups.

7. In a backstage interview with Kelly Kincaid, Karmen Petrovic discusses her plans to train Natalya for her upcoming NXT Underground match. However, Lola Vice interrupts, asserting that Natalya won’t be able to handle her intensity, especially after seeing who Lola has in her corner.

8. In a backstage locker-room meeting with General Manager Ava, Sol Ruca expresses her desire for a no-disqualification match against Blair Davenport at Spring Breakin’. She emphasizes her determination, stating that she won’t relent until Blair is forced out of the ring.

9. Backstage: Roxanne Perez expresses her indifference towards the conflict between Lyra Valkyria and Tatum Paxley, suggesting they settle their differences in the ring. She sees an opportunity for entertainment and decides to grant a title shot to whoever emerges victorious. As Roxanne shares her plans, General Manager Ava arrives and surprises everyone by announcing a Triple Threat Match for the NXT Women’s Championship involving Lyra, Tatum, and Roxanne herself.

10. Adrianna Grace and Gigi Dolin embark on a shopping spree for dresses. Amidst the racks of garments, Adrianna’s eyes light up as she discovers a stunning jade green dress. Inspired by Adrianna’s find, Gigi’s creative instincts kick in, sparking an idea to personalize the dress, not just in style but also in essence.

11. In a backstage interview with Kelly Kincaid, Oba Femi shares his thoughts on Ivar’s recent win, describing it as “interesting.” As he exits the locker room, he accidentally collides with Oro Mensah, striking him on the forehead with the door once more.

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