Prithvi Forces Rishabh to Sign Property Papers – Kundali Bhagya 14 July 2020 Episode Written

Karan starts to taunt Preeta that she is taking off the rope very slow and he is very fast as he is a cricketer. Preeta finally manages to release herself. Prithvi wearing a mask started threatening Rishabh saying that both Karan and Preeta are in his custody and if he did not signed these property papers then he will kill them but Rishabh did not take him seriously. Prithvi finally shows a picture of Karan and Preeta tied to chairs to Rishabh and seeing the picture Rishabh starts screaming as he tells Prithvi not to do anything bad to his brother.

Srishti and Sammy were outside the hotel and Srishti tells Sammy of a plan that they will check the hotels register and maybe they will find a clue about the kidnapper. Sherlyn was worried as Sammy and Srishti reached hotel and she was trying to warn Prithvi but he was not picking the phone. Mahira called Sherlyn and Sherlyn tells her that she is on the terrace but Mahira heard someone saying the hotel name behind Sherlyn and Sherlyn disconnects the phone. Mahira says why is Sherlyn lying.

Pretta starts releasing Karan and Karan again starts taunting her to be quick hearing which Preeta gets angry. Preeta manages to release one knot and then Karan tells her that he knows why is she taking so much time because its her boyfriend Prithvi who has kidnapped Rishabh and he is behind the mask and Preeta is helping him. Preeta gets too much angry and ties Karan back again. Preeta then gets out of the room through a window.

Prithivi was continuously threatening Rishabh to sign the papers and he was about to sign but Sherlyn called him and he left the room to receive her call. Sammy and Srishti gets inside the hotel and Sammy decides that he will impress the receptionist with his charm and have a look the the register. Sammy starts impressing the receptionist and Srishti was getting angry seeing this. Preeta was looking for Rishabh and she saw someone’s hand from a door as it was Prithvi and Preeta thinks that she should confront that person.

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