PM Narendra Modi Gorakhpur rally 7 Dec 2021 Full Details – 3 Projects Inaugurated – Fertilizer Plant, AIIMS, ICMR Centre – Cost and Info

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi addressed a mega rally at Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh in the presence of UP CM Yogi Adityanath today ‘7 December 2021’ and 3 big projects got inaugurated including a big Fertiliser Plant, AIIMS as well as regional ICMR for the Gorakhpur constituency. This mega Gorakhpur rally was organized keeping the upcoming UP assembly elections 2022 in mind and Yogi Modi duo would love to clean sweep the Gorakhpur belt as its one of the biggest fort of BJP in Uttar Pradesh.

Below are the biggest projects which got announced and inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi during his Gorakhpur rally on 7 December 2021 :

Fertilizer Plant worth Rs 8600 Crore – Narendra Modi inaugurated the Gorakhpur Fertilizer Plant and this plant which was shut since last 30 years got resurrected at a cost of Rs 8600 Crore. Modi successfully fulfilled his promise by restarting this fertilizer factory which he made many years back during his 2014 election rally in Gorakhpur. This revived Fertilizer factory will produce around 12.7 LMT indigenous neem coated Urea per annum and it will help the farmers of the Purvanchal region and adjoining areas by meeting their demand for the fertiliser. Interestingly this revived factory is 4 times bigger then its predecessor.

All India Institute Of Medical Science – AIIMS worth Rs 1011 Crore – PM Modi also inaugurated AIIMS at Gorakhpur and it has been made with a cost of Rs 1011 crore. This AIIIMS facility in Gorakhpur, UP has been made on a land of 112 acre it is going to have a capacity of around 300 beds which will be later expanded to 750 beds. The facility has already started its operations and as per Government around 7 lakh patients have already got treated from this AIIMS facility at Gorakhpur.

Upgraded ICMR Centre for faster results of Samples – The Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC) Gorakhpur got expanded into a fully fledged medical research centre. After this expansion, the in-depth analysis for viral, fungal, bacterial and parasitic diseases will be made possible in Gorakhpur, UP itself with the help of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) which is the supreme medical research body in the country. The biggest advantage of this upgraded facility is that now Uttar Pradesh will not have to send the medical samples to Pune or Delhi for in-depth analysis as this whole process can be done in Gorakhpur, UP itself which will be much faster. This upgraded ICMR facility will do research on vector-borne communicable and non-communicable diseases and it will also do regular research on Japanese encephalitis and acute encephalitis syndromes.

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