Namesis and Gunnar are still alive after the end of Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver – Here’s Why

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver has ignited heated discussions among fans and critics alike since its debut on Netflix. Among the divisive elements of the film are the unexpected deaths of beloved characters, Nemesis and Gunnar. While their demise left many viewers disheartened, intriguing theories have emerged suggesting that their story might not be over just yet.

The Deaths of Nemesis and Gunnar

In the heart-wrenching sequences of Rebel Moon Part 2, we witness the noble sacrifice of Cyborg warrior Nemesis and the tragic fate of the valiant farmer Gunnar. Nemesis, portrayed by the talented Donna Bae, meets her end while defending the vulnerable inhabitants of Veldt Village. Meanwhile, Gunnar, Kora’s steadfast companion, falls victim to enemy fire aboard the Dreadnought.

Fan Reactions and Theories

The untimely deaths of Nemesis and Gunnar left fans in shock and mourning. Many took to social media to express their disappointment and disbelief at the loss of these beloved characters. However, amidst the grief, a glimmer of hope emerged as fans began speculating about potential plot twists and hidden clues hinting at their survival.

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Princess Issa’s Role

Central to these theories is the enigmatic Princess Issa, whose rumored ability to resurrect the dead has captured the imagination of audiences. As Kora embarks on her next quest to locate and protect Issa, speculation runs rampant that the princess may possess the power to bring back Nemesis and Gunnar from the brink of death.

Similar Instances in Zack Snyder’s Films

The notion of resurrecting deceased characters is not unfamiliar territory for Zack Snyder. In his previous work, such as the 2017 film Justice League, we witnessed the resurrection of Superman himself, orchestrated by Batman and the Justice League to combat the formidable Steppenwolf. This precedent raises intriguing possibilities for Nemesis and Gunnar’s potential return.

Foreshadowing in Rebel Moon Part 2

Close examination of Rebel Moon Part 2 reveals subtle hints and foreshadowing that hint at the possibility of Nemesis and Gunnar’s resurrection. From cryptic dialogue to symbolic imagery, eagle-eyed viewers have pieced together clues that suggest their story may not have reached its conclusion.

Potential Storyline for Nemesis and Gunnar

Should Nemesis and Gunnar indeed make a triumphant return, the question remains: what role will they play in the future of the Rebel Moon franchise? Speculation abounds regarding their potential involvement in Kora’s ongoing journey and the overarching conflict against the forces of Motherworld.

Final Thoughts

In the ever-evolving world of Rebel Moon, death is not always the end. As fans continue to dissect clues and theorize about the fate of Nemesis and Gunnar, one thing remains clear: the legacy of these characters will endure, whether as martyrs to the cause or triumphant survivors of fate’s cruel hand.


  1. Will Nemesis and Gunnar definitely return in future Rebel Moon installments?
    • While nothing is certain, fan theories and subtle hints suggest the possibility of their resurrection.
  2. How might the return of Nemesis and Gunnar impact the story’s dynamics?
    • Their return could introduce new plot twists and character arcs, but it also risks undermining the emotional stakes of their initial deaths.
  3. What role does Princess Issa play in the potential resurrection of Nemesis and Gunnar?
    • Speculation suggests that Issa possesses the power to bring the dead back to life, making her a key figure in their potential return.
  4. How have other Zack Snyder films handled character deaths and resurrections?
    • Snyder’s previous works, such as Justice League, have featured instances of character resurrection, setting a precedent for Rebel Moon.
  5. What are fans’ expectations for the future of the Rebel Moon franchise?
    • Fans hope for exciting new developments and the possible return of their favourite characters,

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