Zack Snyder’s Justice League Review – Snyder’s Vision Deserves a Sequel

DC fans finally got their wishes fulfilled as Justice League Snyder Cut at last got released worldwide on various OTT Platforms and after watching the 4 hour long version of the superhero team thriller we can surely say that Warner Bros should green light the sequel of this venture without wasting any second. Synder’s vision is far more superior in every single aspect and many fans are already calling WB to fire Josh Weiden, a demand which we don’t support especially in the COVID era.

First and foremost the best thing Zack Snyder did is removing that weird CGI based mustache from Superman’s face as it ruined the experience for many Kryptonian fans. Also Ray Fisher aka Cyborg has been given a lot more screen space in this version, deservingly so and in many aspects he’s the heart of this film. Fighting sequences are also way more awesome in the Snyder’s version and we would definitely love to point out that Wonder Woman battling against terrorists as that scene looks way more brutal and cooler in this cut.

Snyder also did a fantastic job in making Steppenwolf a bit more threatening to the ‘Gods of Justice’ and credit also goes to whoever did the CGI in this version. The cliffhanger with Darkseid telling his lieutenant’s to ready the Armanda was amazing and seriously speaking Snyder showed that you don’t need a post end credits scene to create the hype for a sequel.

At last Batman’s interaction with Jered Leto’s Joker looked a bit weird but it was a nice addition nevertheless. Overall we can say that Warner Bros currently has their own Avengers Endgame kind of film in their hand but whether they will allow Zack Snyder to make a sequel well only time will tell.

Our final rating for Zack Snyder’s Justice League is 8.5/10

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