Naagin Season 6 Episode 8 Written Updates 6 March 2022 – Rishabh marries Pratha

Rishabh stopped Dadi from taking off Pratha’s veil. Rishabh’s cousin Vivaan was romancing a girl and Rihaan was watching standing behind a curtain. Seema tells Pandit Ji to start the wedding rituals as Lalit Ji will come soon. Pandit ji asks which wedding to do first and Seema says to start Pratha and Ritesh’s wedding rituals. Urvashi gets suspicious about Pratha and in order to reveal her truth she turned on the fan but Mahek saved Pratha by blowing wind and lights turned off. Rishabh tells Vivaan and Rihaan to close the windows. Pratha managed to put the veil back on and she thanked Mahek for that.

Urvashi tells Seema that something wrong is happening here and Seema remembers Lalit’s words and she tells Urvashi that no matter what but this marriage will happen today. Rishabh apologized to Ritesh for trying to change his decision and they turned on the lights back. Pandit Ji tells Seema to call both the grooms. Rishabh and Ritesh arrived after which Seema tells Pandit Ji to start the rituals. Vivaan and Rihaan discussed about seducing Mahek.

Marriage rituals started and Urvashi thinks that surely this girl (Pratha) is hiding something. Reem tells Rishabh why is he behaving so weird in the mandap. Varmala ceremony happened. Sacred rounds of holy fire happened and Pratha takes the oath that she will save her country from the traitors no matter what. Sindoor ceremony was going to happen and Urvashi says that she will took off the veil.

Pratha started chanting Om Namah Shivaay as Urvashi was taking off the veil. Pratha’s face turned normal and Seema tells them to do the Sindoor ceremony. Rishabh falls unconscious in the mandap but it turns out that was Ritesh sitting with Reem in the mandap. Urvashi says I will kill this bloody cheater (Ritesh). Urvashi started calling Ritesh a kameena and she says thank God my daughters got saved.

Ritesh started shouting who are you and he took of the sehra from the groom’s face and it turns out that Rishabh was behind the sehra. Flashback started, Rishabh mixed something in Ritesh’s drink and he married Pratha in order to save his country. Reem asked Rishabh why you did such a big fraud with me. Seema asked Rishabh why you did this and Rishabh says because I wanted to marry Pratha. Seema slapped Rishabh. Ritesh started beating Rishabh for doing fraud with him. Radha says that this girl (Pratha) is a dark shadow in this house.

Ritesh pushed Rishabh and he was going to fell down but Pratha saved him. Ritesh asked how can you do this and Rishabh says that I married her and you can’t do anything now. Reem asked Rishabh why you did this to me and Urvashi says a big mockery is happening in this house. She was going to assault Pratha and Rishabh saved her saying you can’t touch my wife.

Rishabh says that he doesn’t know when he got fallen in love with Pratha. Seema says what you are saying Rishabh as you used to love Reem. Rishabh says no that was all his misunderstanding as he truly loves Pratha. Rishabh tells Ritesh that he used to get jealous seeing Pratha with him. Ritesh grabbed Rishabh by collar and Rishabh says if Ritesh wants to hit him then hit. Rishabh further says that he loves Pratha’s face a lot and if something sees her then he feels like killing him.

Dadi says from today onwards Pratha is Rishabh’s wife and the daughter-in-law of this house. Mahek says that she needs to talk to Pratha. Mahek received a message from a private number on Lalit’s phone and she left. Mahek went to see the 4 traitors but something fell down from her hands and they ran away from the backdoor with a chopper. Mahek pledges to kill them one day and sheesh naagin has arrived for them.

Rishabh and Pratha prays in front of Lord Shiva and Pratha prays for completing her mission. Dadi asked Seema why didn’t Lalit came and Seema says I will call him. Mahek says maybe I will get some clue regarding those 4 traitors with Lalit’s phone. Pratha was going for her suhagraat and she thinks why did Rishabh married her because he doesn’t like her.

Rishabh was drinking alone and he was thinking about the romantic promises he made to Reem. He breaks the wine bottle. Wedding decorations of Rishabh and Reem’s got set on fire and Rishabh started crying thinking about Reem. Pratha came and she was smiling. Rishabh grabbed her by throat and asks her, who are you? Pratha started turning into Naagin form.

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