Vivamax’s ‘Cita 2024’ Pinoy Film – Story Details, Lead Actors Names, Release Date, and How to Watch

Vivamax’s ‘Cita 2024’ Pinoy Film is not just a movie; it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, drama, and unexpected twists that will leave you breathless. Starring the talented Erika Balagtas, this film explores the complex dynamics of relationships and the lengths people will go to protect their secrets. Let’s dive into the story details, lead actors, release date, and how you can watch this gripping film.

Overview of ‘Cita 2024’

Plot Summary

The story of “Cita” revolves around a young 18-year-old married woman named Cita, played by Erika Balagtas, who is the wife of a 54-year-old fruit farm owner named Arturo Fontilla, portrayed by Francis Mata. Cita becomes involved in a physical relationship with her stepson, Aldoy, played by Renzo Ruiz, who advises her to kill her husband by poisoning him so that she can inherit all his property and live a free, happy life with Aldoy.

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Arturo is approached by a woman named Vanessa Ariola, played by Zia Zamora, who wants to buy his fruit farm with cash. It turns out that Vanessa is an evil money launderer and is being followed by a detective named Floy.

Arturo meets Vanessa to finalize the deal for selling his farm, and she seduces him. They make out multiple times on his farm. Meanwhile, Aldoy is making out with Cita in the washroom, but Arturo returns home with Vanessa, and Cita manages to go to another washroom just in time. Vanessa goes inside the washroom to take a shower and is confronted by Aldoy, after which they make out.

Cita and Aldoy hide in Vanessa’s car, and Arturo returns with Vanessa to his farm, unaware that Cita and Aldoy are hiding behind them. Arturo makes out with Vanessa once again, and Cita catches him red-handed this time. Cita also discovers Aldoy’s physical relationship with Vanessa.

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In the end, Cita poisons Arturo, Vanessa, and Aldoy by mixing poison in their food and drinks, causing all of them to die. Detective Floy helps Cita escape the law enforcement, and they are seen holding hands in the last scene of the film.

Director and Creative Team

Director MJ Balagtas

MJ Balagtas helms this intense drama, bringing a unique vision and depth to the storyline. Known for his ability to explore complex characters and intricate plots, Balagtas has created a film that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Main Cast and Characters

Erika Balagtas as Cita

Erika Balagtas shines in the role of Cita, a young woman caught in a web of deceit and passion. Her performance captures the nuances of a character torn between loyalty and desire.

Francis Mata as Arturo Fontilla

Francis Mata portrays Arturo Fontilla, the unsuspecting husband whose life takes a tragic turn. His portrayal of a man blindsided by betrayal is both convincing and heartbreaking.

Renzo Ruiz as Aldoy

Renzo Ruiz plays Aldoy, the manipulative stepson who seduces Cita and draws her into his deadly plan. Ruiz’s performance adds layers of complexity to the character, making him both intriguing and detestable.

Zia Zamora as Vanessa Ariola

Zia Zamora takes on the role of Vanessa Ariola, a money launderer who complicates the plot further. Her interactions with Arturo and Aldoy add another dimension to the storyline.

Arjay Bautista as Detective Floy

Arjay Bautista’s Detective Floy is a crucial character who brings a sense of justice and resolution to the chaotic events. His role in helping Cita escape adds an unexpected twist to the story.

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Release Details

Release Date

‘Cita’ Pinoy film release date on Vivamax OTT Platform is June 17, 2024. The film’s has generated significant buzz due to its provocative plot and star-studded cast.

Viewing Platforms

You can stream ‘Cita 2024’ exclusively on Vivamax. Ensure you have a subscription to access this gripping drama.

How to Watch ‘Cita 2024’

Streaming on Vivamax

Vivamax is the exclusive platform for ‘Cita 2024’. You can watch it by subscribing to their service and streaming it directly from their catalog.

Subscription Details

Vivamax offers various subscription plans. Choose the one that suits you best to enjoy ‘Cita 2024’ and other exciting content.

Concluding Remarks

‘Cita 2024’ is a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its intense plot, strong performances, and unexpected twists, it’s a must-watch for fans of dramatic thrillers. The film explores the dark side of human nature and the lengths people will go to protect their secrets. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the rollercoaster ride that is ‘Cita 2024’.


What is ‘Cita 2024’ about?

‘Cita 2024’ is about a young woman named Cita who becomes entangled in a dangerous affair with her stepson, leading to a deadly plot involving her husband and a money launderer.

Who stars in ‘Cita 2024’?

The film stars Erika Balagtas as Cita, Francis Mata as Arturo Fontilla, Renzo Ruiz as Aldoy, Zia Zamora as Vanessa Ariola, and Arjay Bautista as Detective Floy.

Where can I watch ‘Cita 2024’?

You can watch ‘Cita 2024’ exclusively on Vivamax.

What are the key themes in ‘Cita 2024’?

The key themes in ‘Cita 2024’ include betrayal, passion, deceit, and manipulation.

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