MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 20 Recap: What Happened on June 2, 2024? Full Written Updates

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 20 was filled with high-voltage drama, emotional confrontations, and unexpected twists on June 2, 2024. As we saw in the previous episode that Harsh Arora and Rushali Yadav are no longer an ideal couple according to the Oracle, this episode began with intense blame games and ended with shocking revelations. Here’s a detailed recap of everything that happened.

Confrontations and Apologies

The episode kicked off with Harsh Arora confronting Shubhi Joshi in the bedroom, accusing her of trying to malign his character on national television. Rushali Yadav stood up for Harsh, leading to a heated argument with Shubhi. Eventually, Harsh apologized to Shubhi, diffusing the tension momentarily.

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 20 Written Updates Full

Mischief Maker Uorfi Javed’s Secret Challenges

Mischief Maker, Uorfi Javed, spiced things up in the Love Den by giving secret tasks to the contestants, promising special rewards upon completion.

Kashish Kapoor’s Secret Challenge

Kashish Kapoor was the first to enter the Love Den. She revealed to Uorfi that before Addy, she had a thing with Jashwanth, which didn’t escalate due to Akriti’s relationship with Jashwanth. She also mentioned her annoyance with Addy’s habit of flirting with other girls.

Uorfi gave Kashish a secret challenge: she had to praise the physiques of three boys in the villa, including Jashwanth, and mock Addy’s physique in front of the other contestants. Excited about the challenge, Kashish went back to the villa and started gossiping about the boys’ physiques, creating chaos when Jashwanth took off his shirt and Akriti started shouting at him.

Anicka’s Secret Challenge

Next, Anicka visited the Love Den and told Uorfi about Lakshay’s relationship with Shubhi and Siwet’s discomfort with her talking to Lakshay.

Uorfi challenged Anicka to convince Lakshay, in front of Siwet Tomar, that Shubhi is not the right girl for him, all while holding Lakshay’s hand. Anicka’s efforts led to more drama as Siwet told her to go alone, not liking her caring so much about her ex-boyfriend.

Chaos and Confrontations

Back at the villa, Kashish began flirting with Jashwanth and other boys, making Addy jealous and causing Akriti to fume. Meanwhile, Siwet’s refusal to support Anicka led her to flirt with Lakshay alone, adding fuel to the fire. Akriti’s fight with Jashwanth escalated, leaving her in tears as Jashwanth walked out.

Arbaz’s Secret Challenge

Arbaz entered the Love Den and received a challenge from Uorfi to tell Nayera he wanted to make a connection with another girl and pitch for a connection to one girl in front of Nayera.

Arbaz’s attempt to connect with Shubhi led to further complications, with Nayera getting upset and feeling betrayed. Eventually, Arbaz’s offer to make a connection with Swastika and Kashish’s acceptance created more rifts, leaving Nayera hurt.

Harsh Arora’s Secret Challenge

Harsh Arora was tasked by Uorfi to pick fights with Jashwanth, Siwet, and Addy. Harsh’s attempts to confront them turned comedic, leading to his failure in completing the challenge.

Uorfi then announced her biggest mischief, calling out all contestants to reveal the secret challenges given to Kashish, Arbaz, and Harsh. While Kashish and Arbaz completed their challenges successfully, Harsh did not.

Shocking Punishment

As a punishment for Harsh Arora failing his challenge, Uorfi played a controversial Love Den video featuring Harsh and Shubhi in front of all contestants. Rushali was shocked, adding another layer of drama to the episode.

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